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COBRA Golf Reveals New LTDx Drivers, Fairway Woods & Hybrids

By: Golfshake Editor | Wed 19 Jan 2022

COBRA Golf has revealed its exciting new family of LTDx Drivers, Fairway Woods and Hybrids, which has been engineered to build on the legacy of 2016's LTD Driver that notably achieved zero CGna for low spin and fast ball speed.

For 2022, the legacy has evolved into the new LTDx franchise, which debuts the first driver to combine zero CGna and 5200 MOI to create faster ball speeds with extreme forgiveness. The LTDx woods feature PWR-COR TECHNOLOGY, which uses multi-material internal and external weights to reposition as much weight low and forward as possible to lower spin and deliver powerful ball speed upon impact.

Using machine learning and CNC machining, COBRA engineers have replaced its E9 face with a new variable thickness design called H.O.T Face (Highly Optimised Topology) that is precision tuned for speed. Using data from thousands of impact simulations, COBRA has optimised thicknesses in 15 different zones to maximize ball speed across a larger area of the face. These zones create visual peaks and valleys that resemble a topology map, hence the design name. In addition, the LTDx drivers utilise a MULTI-MATERIAL Construction, with up to 30% more carbon fiber than the previous RADSPEED model, and a lighter and stronger titanium chassis to maximise stability. COBRA engineers have redesigned the previous T-Bar chassis to reposition more titanium lower to the ground and around the perimeter edge to lower CG and increase MOI, resulting in 8g of weight savings.

To make certain the new LTDx line is able to optimise performance for all types of players, it’s available in three distinct models: (1) The LTDx LS is a low spin model designed for skilled players with faster swing speeds who desire maximum workability in a traditional shape. For added tuning, adjustable weights are positioned heel and toe to help dial in directional trajectory for the better players. (2) The LTDx MAX combines maximum stability and maximum draw bias, giving golfers the choice to move the adjustable weights to create either performance. COBRA engineers were able to combine last year’s RADSPEED XB and RADSPEED XD into one driver. (3) The LTDx is the perfect blend of LS and MAX into one driver. It is the first driver to achieve zero CGna and 5200 MOI, creating the best combination of low spin and maximum forgiveness.

The LTDx driver lineup reflects our team’s continued dedication to innovation and improved performance,” said Tom Olsavsky, Vice President of R&D, COBRA Golf. “With the introduction of PWR-COR and H.O.T FACE technology, our engineers have, yet again, developed innovation that improves CG and MOI while making the face hotter and more forgiving. The resulting LTDx family of drivers are the best we have ever produced, and the three distinct driver models ensure that every golfer can achieve optimized performance for their game. We look forward to seeing the LTDx on TOUR and also in the hands of amateurs and weekend warriors at courses globally.”

LTDx LS DRIVER (£399/€479)

Cobra LS Driver

The new LTDx LS driver positions most of its weight low and forward to deliver low spin and faster ball speeds. The result is a more workable ball flight desired by skilled player with faster swing speeds. An adjustable weight system features a 10g & 3g weight that can be exchanged to either the front heel or toe to fine tune trajectory. A traditional 460cc shape features an aggressive aerodynamic design that allows players with faster swing speeds to maximise their clubhead speed for increased distance. PWR-COR Technology positions as much weight low and forward using a 14g internal MIM steel weight and a 5g 100% milled, stainless steel external weight (19g total) to lower spin and increase speed. Combined with the 13g of moveable weights, places an impressive 32g low and forward.

H.O.T. FACE technology derived from machine learning, creates 15 unique zones to maximise and tune ball speeds both away from and in the centre of the face. This greatly improves performance in those common “miss” areas. The overall design and performance attributes of the new LTDx are further improved by a proprietary MULTI-MATERIAL Construction that utilises a redesigned, 8g lighter titanium chassis that allows for up to 30% more carbon fiber and more discretionary weight to reposition low and forward in the PWR-COR weight.

LTDx MAX DRIVER (£399/€479)

Cobra MAX Driver

The LTDx MAX combines max stability and max draw into one driver, both individually achievable using the moveable weight system. The MAX features a slightly oversized 460cc profile as the LTDx to provide maximum distance and forgiveness with a back weight setting, and an added weight positioned in the heel that affords golfers additional draw-bias to help square the face for straighter results. The 10g heavy weight can be positioned in the back to deliver the most forgiving/stable driver that COBRA offers. Or position the heavy weight in the heel for 11 yards of draw bias. The adjustable hosel can be set in the “DRAW” setting for an additional 7 yards (18 yards total). As with the other two LTDx Drivers, the MAX features PWR-COR and H.O.T. FACE Technology with a MULTI-MATERIAL Construction.

LTDx DRIVER (£399/€479)

LTDx Driver

The LTDx is a true driver unicorn - it is the first driver to achieve zero CGna and a high MOI at 5200. It is aimed at players that want maximum speed and distance but also value forgiveness and a straight ball flight. A slightly oversized 460cc clubhead is constructed with the perfect balance of internal weighting to deliver the fastest ball speed with slow spin and maximum distance. The construction utilises 19g total weight positioned in PWR-COR (14g internal MIM steel weight & 5g external CNC Milled stainless steel weight) and 15g total in the back using 5g of tungsten and a 10g fixed back weight. Like all models in the new family of drivers, the LTDx features COBRA’s innovative H.O.T. FACE Technology and MULTI-MATERIAL Construction, affording optimal CG and MOI for increased distance and improved performance.

**All LTDx drivers are available in a Tour Length offering, featuring a shorter shaft length (44.50”) than the standard 45.5”. The LTDx LS comes in RH/LH with a choice of 3 premium aftermarket shafts including: MCA Tensei AV Raw White 65 (x-stiff and stiff); Project X HZRDUS RDX Blue 60 (x-stiff and stiff) and Project X HZRDUS Smoke iM1060 (stiff and reg). The driver features a Lamkin Crossline (58+) Black/Silver grip and is available in Satin Black/Gold Fusion (Matte Black Crown, Gloss Sole & Gold Fusion accents).

The MAX Driver comes in RH/LH with a choice of three premium aftermarket shafts: Project X HZRDUS RDX Blue 60 (9 o only; stiff); the HZRDUS Smoke iM10 60 (reg & stiff) and the UST Helium Nanocore (12 o only; lite & reg). The driver features a Lamkin Crossline (58+) Black/Silver grip and is available in the same Satin Black/Gold Fusion colourway.

The LTDx Driver comes in RH/LH with a choice of four premium aftermarket shafts including: MCA Tensei AV Raw White 65 (9 o only; x-stiff and stiff); HZRDUS RDX Blue 60 (stiff); the HZRDUS Smoke iM10 60 (reg & stiff) and UST Helium Nanocore (12 o only; lite & reg). The driver features a Lamkin Crossline (58+) Black/Silver grip and is available in the same Satin Black/Gold Fusion colourway.

Women’s model: The LTDx MAX Driver is also available in women’s edition featuring a sleek Gloss Black/Elderberry colorway with a UST Helium Nanocore 4F1 shaft.

Junior models: The LTDx Driver is also available in junior’s model (RH only) which includes a free shaft upgrade available in varying lengths as they grow into their game (39” - 8-9 years; 41” - 10-11 years; 43” 12-14 years).


LTDX Fairway

Complementing the innovative line of LTDx drivers are a full line-up of LTDx fairway metals (£249/€299 each). Utilising the PWR-COR and H.O.T. FACE technology highlighted in the LTDx driver, and a carbon fiber crown, COBRA engineers were able to move the CG low and forward for faster ball speed, while increasing MOI for more stability and forgiveness. Also available in three families, the LTDx fairway metals come in progressive shapes and progressive rail designs to offer optimised performance based on the golfer’s swing characteristics. The LTDx fairway offerings include:

  1. LTDx LS Fairway - COBRA’s low spin fairway features progressive shaping - Big Tour shape in 3w with no rails, Tour Shape in 5w with hollow split rails. PWR-COR utilises tungsten and aluminum to position as much weight low and forward to increase ball speed, while H.O.T. FACE Technology uses 15 zones with optimised thicknesses to maximize speed across the face. An adjustable weighting system features a 12g and a 3g weight that can be positioned in the heel or toe to fine tune trajectory and spin. The LTDx LS fairway is offered with the MCA Tensei AV Raw White 75 premium aftermarket shaft (stiff & X-stiff).  Available in Satin Black/Gold Fusion.
  2. LTDx Fairway - is offered in a traditional shape in a 3W with no rails, and a traditional shape 5W and 7w with hollow split rails that aid in turf interaction for steeper swings. A 12g fixed weight is positioned in the back for max forgiveness and high launch, while the PWR-COR weight low and forward creates the perfect balance of low spin and fast ball speed with forgiveness. The LTDx fairway is available in Satin Black/Gold Fusion, and come with the option of a UST Helium Nanocore (4F2 - lite) or a HZRDUS Smoke iM10 60 (reg & stiff) shaft.
  3. LTDx Max Fairway - is COBRA’s most forgiving fairway that combines the fast and forgiving performance of the LTDx with additional draw bias for those that need slice correcting power. An adjustable weight system features 12g and 3g weights that can be positioned in the back or the heel to fine tune the amount of draw bias. PWR-COR and H.O.T. FACE Technology again deliver the fastest ball speed possible using low and forward weighting and an optimised variable thickness face design. Available in the same Black and Blue colourways with a choice of UST Helium Nanocore (4F2 - lite, 5F2 - reg) or a HZRDUS Smoke iM10 60 (stiff). The LTDx MAX is also available in a women’s offering (3W, 5W, 7W) that comes in a Gloss Black/Elderberry colourway and is equipped with a UST Helium Nanocore 4F1 - women’s flex shaft.

New COBRA Hybrid

Rounding out the new family, LTDx hybrids (£199/€239 each) are COBRA’s first mainline hybrids to feature PWRSHELL Technology, which utilises an L-cup face design that is forged from a thin and strong stainless steel to generate up to 17% more flex for faster ball speed and higher launch across the face. The hybrids are available in both standard (Satin Black/Gold Fusion colourway) and ONE Length (Blue/Red & Black) models, also feature COBRA’s innovative PWR-COR and H.O.T. FACE technologies that take ball speed performance to the next level. The hybrids feature COBRA’s signature Hollow Split Rails that improve turf interaction and allow the club to glide effortlessly out of the fairway, tight lies, thick rough and even bunkers. The LTDx ONE Length Hybrid (£199 each) is designed in a shorter set up (37.25”) that complements the ONE Length irons. Both the standard LTDx hybrid (Available in 2H (17 o), 3H (19 o), 4H (21o) 5H (24 o) and 6H (28 o) and ONE Length model (Available in 3H (19 o), 4H (21o), 5H (24 o) are available with KBS PGI premium aftermarket shafts (80 -S, 70-R, 60 -A) and Lamkin Crossline (58+) grip. The LTDx Hybrid is also available in a women’s offering (4H (20 o), 5H (23 o) 6H (27 o), 7H (30 o)) in a Black/Elderberry colourway.

All LTDx products are available at retail and online, February 11, 2022. For more information, please visit www.cobragolf.com.

What do you think? post your thoughts and feedback on the Golfshake Forum: https://forum.golfshake.com/


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