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Why You Should Get Fitted For Your Golf Clubs

By: | Mon 07 Jun 2021

Stock clubs typically come in a one-size-fits-all, which is great. The problem is, however, not everyone is the same size – this is where fittings truly shine. If you’re smaller, taller or even less-mobile, the process of getting fitted for your clubs can greatly assist you. As someone who is 6’ 3”, I needed the shaft of my irons to be slightly longer – but I would have never been aware if I had not booked a fitting.

In May, Gary Beadle was invited down to the Callaway Fitting Centre at The Belfry, where Golfshake were fortunate enough to be allowed access to record the session. Gary had experienced a fitting prior, but not to the scale of this and was seriously impressed with his visit.

“I could tell, once I got the shaft and the head right, the consistency was immediately there,” he said. “I want the ball to be able to stop on the green and that’s where the Apex Pro comes in, it’ll stop quicker from slightly longer distances.”

Callaway have realised that your iron set does not need to belong to one family. Instead, through their entire Apex collection, your bag can be built up utilising several different models. In Gary’s case, he opted for the Apex Pro for his shorter irons as he wanted his approach dialled-in and to stop as quickly as feasible. However, with his longer irons, the dispersion was slightly too wide for the fitter Matt Judd, and he advised using standard Apex irons as they offer that little bit more forgiveness.  

“We see what the current irons are doing and then we look at how they are performing for the player – whether they launch the ball too high or too low,” Matt shared. “After that process, we take into consideration what our irons will do and then we decided what aspect of the player’s game are we looking to improve: control, distance or precision? For us today, we are going down the control route to try and give Gary more assistance in shaping his irons more efficiently.”

Without visiting a fitting centre, it would have been unfathomable for Gary to understand that combining the two iron sets would get the most out of his game. Moreover, through extensive testing via several shafts, Gary was informed that his shaft of 135g was slightly too heavy for him, and as a result of the fitting, he was issued a 115g X-Flex which will see improved accuracy.

While the fitting was taken place, Matt placed some tape across the club face to receive instant feedback on where Gary was striking the ball, and if further adjustments would need to take place. Throughout the entire process, you are being advised by data which clubs are best suited for your game.

It can be overwhelming when you look to acquire new golf clubs. With several big name brands and many others, the choice seems limitless. However, instead of buying clubs off the recommendation of a friend, why not visit a fitting centre where you can analyse data, try out several models of clubs and shafts but most importantly, where you can purchase clubs that have been custom fit exclusively around your game.

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