GreenGolf UK Bamboo Tees Review

REVIEW: GreenGolf UK Bamboo Tees

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Launched in 2020 by two old school friends, Jack Doherty and Sam Harrison, GreenGolf UK is a new Yorkshire based retailer that aims to deliver quality golf goods for affordable prices, but showcasing products that have been manufactured to encourage environmental sustainability.

The 70 millimetre Biodegradable Bamboo Golf Tees are unvarnished and are one of the most sustainable golf products available, and can crucially last up to five times longer than conventional wooden golf tees, making them an attractive proposition for golfers looking to make a switch that could benefit themselves and the planet. Golfshake Ambassador Mel Davies has been testing these new products for us and learned more about the emerging brand.

What is GreenGolf UK?

Describing the philosophy behind the company, the founders said: “We’ve both played golf for over 10 years, and over that time we have always mentioned how much water golf uses to keep courses in good condition - especially in the US and on the tour courses. Also consider the machines used for course maintenance and the vast amount of debris left on the course by both members and visitors of all clubs.

"Lockdown then came and we were no longer working so we put together our ideas and our savings and came up with the idea of GreenGolfUK. We both love golf, so why not target what the market is missing and try and turn golf into one of the more sustainable sports - our plan is to make sustainable golf affordable for everyone so that no one can use affordability as an excuse to not make the change across. 

"We aim to target direct alternatives to reduce the amount of change golfers require to make their own game sustainable. We thought what better to start with than taking plastic head on and release our bamboo tees and castle tees also acting as a direct replacement for plastics. 

"Keeping with the bamboo theme we thought what else annoys us - PITCHMARKS! So we had an idea to tie it in with our tees and bring out durable bamboo pitch mark repairers which act as a nice little addition to any order!

"Ocean plastics has been a big issue in recent times so we did our research and found that we can reduce the impact we have on this too. It was noted that almost anything plastic that is not recycled can find its way into the ocean. That is why if plastic needs to be used it needs to be recycled plastic and needs to be reusable and further recyclable. 

"We aim to ensure that our vision is clear that sustainable golf must be affordable for it to be made a reality. Hopefully that will convert some people to make the switch over to us instead of using plastic or wooden tees.

"Towels are next to be released and we have some ideas that we are going to try and turn into reality in the future."

Biodegradable Bamboo Golf Tees Review


The tees look just how you would expect, without lacquer as you typically see on regular wooden tees, but this is exactly what you want from a biodegradable product, one that is made from natural bamboo.


Without the normal lacquer on them they can feel almost unfinished but that is how they should feel, being unvarnished and not featuring the painted touch of regular wooden or plastic tees.


They do last much longer than normal wooden tees, which is great. The fibres are at least twice as strong as timber fibres, so can sustain more pressure. I almost go through a tee a hole at times when using traditional tees, but I’ve found myself only using two or three a round since I've had these.



The look and feel of the GreenGolf UK tees remind you that these are bamboo and biodegradable. I’m using a lot less tees per round, which is great for a cost side but also for the environment. They even come in a resealable packet that can be used over and over, 


I have nothing negative to say about these whatsoever.

The Bottom Line

These tees deliver exactly what they say on the packet. They last longer, look great and perform as you would expect. I ordered and within two days they had arrived, an excellent service at great value prices.

For more information on GreenGolf UK and the products available, including the Bamboo Tees, visit

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