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Typically, we'd be ready to embrace the new season and the joy of spring golf, but these unprecedented times have shut down the prospect of heading onto the course as the international community battles the coronavirus pandemic.

Consequently, golfers of all levels have been searching for ways to keep themselves occupied, whether it be through the deployment of imaginative home setups, practice and fitness drills, watching old major championship footage, or engaging with others on social media. We have already shared our Self Isolation Guide For Golfers, hopefully useful, and don't forget our vast Tuition Section on Golfshake, including the new Get Golf Fit Series.

However, many stars of the game and leading coaches have been posting their best tips online, giving you something to follow, which should enhance your wellbeing but also improve your golf. Twitter and Instagram has been inundated with fun and helpful content, but we decided to give you a flavour by compiling some of the most notable examples.

European Ryder Cup captain, Padraig Harrington remains hopeful that the event will go ahead later in the year, but for now, he's been keeping everyone busy with a range of tips that will help to keep your short game and swing in check.

If you want a different guru, former world number one Luke Donald has taken to Instagram, sharing his best tips to help you during lockdown.


Shallowing the club from the top of the backswing is something I’ve struggled with at times in my career, it’s certainly been a big focus of mine of late & thanks to the help of my trainer @ben.shear we’ve come up with some great exercises in the gym to help me increase my external rotation range of my right shoulder & make @patgossnugolf job a little easier ???? Shallowing the club from the top will not only help to eliminate that dreaded slice, it will also allow you to fully release everything at impact which will increase your speed and distance. Give this simple at home exercise a try #LDTips #homeimprovement #golf #shallowingtheclub #externalrotation #stayhome #stayinside #stayhealthy

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Today’s LD Tip is on the importance of posture in the golf swing. One of the basics that we all need to consistently check each and everyday. Good posture allows you to turn much better with the upper body, creating some resistance with the lower body. If you don’t tilt from the hips, but bend at the knees & just slump at the shoulders you can’t turn properly. Tilting towards the ground with your upper body also helps get the club more on plane as you are able to hinge the club up better. Just spending a few minutes a day checking your posture in the mirror while stuck inside can really help you down the road. #LDTips #golfathome #posture #basics #staysafe #stayhealthy

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Here is an exercise I do in the gym to help cultivate muscle stiffness. The downswing only takes about 0.3 seconds, so long big slow jumps won’t transfer as well to golf. The idea here is to create muscle stiffness as you hit the ground and explode up as quickly as possible. Muscle stiffness is not tightness. It is the ability to purposefully create rigidity when needed. In this example the force of stepping off, does not buckle you. Remember that you are trying to hit back against the ground as you hit it. You don’t step off, let the ground hit you, then jump. You are anticipating the ground and hitting back. This is a great exercise not only to help with those fast twitch muscles but also works on Neuro Muscular speed which is the ability for the brain to send a message to the muscles faster. If you don’t have access to a gym, you could use a sturdy table or a step to jump off. This is an advanced exercise for people who already have a good base of strength and training experience. You can also start on a much lower box and build up. I do this as part of some other speed drills 2x a week, 3 sets of 5 jumps, with 2 minutes rest between each set. Maximum effort on each jump. @ben.shear #LDTips #golfathome #gymwork #speedtraining #staysafe #stayhealthy

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It has been great following along with Padraig’s swing tips on Twitter & a few days ago he talked about the importance of the grip in the full swing & how you need to get it more in your fingers, which allows you to hinge the club and create speed. In putting the main focus is to control the club face as it’s such a short stroke & the common traits amongst the best putters in the world that I see are: 1) The grip is much more in the palms of your hands & 2) The putter shaft should be inline with your forearm. If you can groove these two things then you are already well on your way to becoming a better putter. #LDTips #golfathome #putting #grip #staysafe #stayhealthy

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Ok so if you are able to be consistent with parts I & II, I’m a big believer that will help you do Part III better too. Obviously if we can make our putting stroke & return the putter to the ball with the same loft and lie that we started with at address then we are going to be much more consistent in our roll and hitting the ball where we aimed. For me, the easiest and most simplest way to do this is to maintain the same loft and lie throughout the stroke. I love the @theputtingboard1 as a training aid to really show this, designed by my coach @patgossnugolf & @sam_mckenney - check out there Instagram for some really cool videos. Excuse some of the wobbly camera work, my youngest daughter Gigi was videographer today & she’s not quite 6 yet - she did a great job tho???????? #LDTips #putting #loft&lie #golfathome #staysafe #stayhealthy

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Additionally, elite golf coach Dan Whittaker has some innovative tips for you to try.



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