Acclaimed Golf Coach Dan Frost Unveils New Sure-Set Golf Swing Training Aid

By: Golfshake Editor | Thu 12 Dec 2019 | Comments

The internationally renowned golf coach Dan Frost has released a new golf swing training aid, designed to help golfers improve the timing and sequence of their swings.

Called the Sure-Speed, the new aid comprises a weighted swing trainer which aims to refine golfer's swing speeds and improve their ball striking. It features a moulded grip, to automatically place the golfer’s hands in the correct grip position, as well as a weighted shaft with a flag on the end, which creates resistance and noise to increase golfer's sense of rhythm.  

According to Frost, the Sure-Speed is an “intuitive learning tool that installs sensations quickly and allows the golfer to experience an efficient swing sequence without complicated instruction.” The aid’s simple design is said to make it “accessible to the masses,” closing the gap between them and the “effortlessly” powerful swings of the pros, as well as making it easy to operate.

Frost said: “It’s time to move away from endlessly over-analysing every facet of movement - videos, pictures, lines, planes…the golf swing is actually a very natural movement, it is just inhibited by too much information.”

“The average golfer would do better by learning more intuitively through feel, through sensation, through sound. Simple, natural human movement that is obvious, easy-to-learn and effective. That’s what the Sure-Speed supplies.” He added.

Frost has previously been praised for his Sure-Set golf training aid, designed to help golfers achieve the correct amount of wrist cock and arm position during their backswings. The aid was one of the biggest selling products on the Golf Channel last year. 

The Sure-Speed is available for purchase from and priced at £79.99.

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