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Callaway ERC Golf Ball Test Feedback

By: Golfshake Editor | Tue 21 May 2019 | Comments

This year, Callaway pushed innovation with its latest golf ball, the ERC Soft. New for 2019, Callaway Golf continues to innovate following the announcement of their latest ball in 2019 with the release of the ERC Soft. New for 2019, this three-piece, dual core, ball features 'Triple Track Technology', a new hybrid cover and Graphene-infused core first seen in the acclaimed 2018 Chrome Soft. But how does the ERC perform in the hands of everday golfers? We dispatched them to our team of Golfshake Ambassadors to discover, with the guys providing feedback after a period of testing.

Rob Treanor

This is an excellent golf ball. The best ideas are the simplest, and once you have played using the visual alignment aids on the ERC balls you will wonder how you managed to putt without them! Because of the size of the object they help you to visualise, the path to the hole appears wider and is easier to line up, inspiring a huge amount of confidence when stood over the ball. It's akin to having the barriers up when ten pin bowling!!

Not just a great performing ball on the greens, the ERCs are soft, spin well and have excellent stopping power on approach shots. I found my iron shots consistently finished within a few inches of the pitchmark allowing me to hit the full distance in each of my clubs as I targeted the flag. 

All in all this ball will be remembered for moving the needle forward and offering golfers a huge amount of support and confidence when putting. These are very competitively priced and I would advise all golfers to give them a try.

Matt Holbrook

Having used the Callaway Chrome Soft for a number of years now - as well as religiously used a line on them when putting - this seemed like the perfect combination for me. 

When it comes to my short game - especially putting - I don't like to change much. For seven years I have had a solo red line around the whole of the ball so the additional two blue lines I was a bit cautious about trying it. I needn't have been. 

Great confidence that I was going to get 'lined' up correctly, my putts started on line and great feedback from the lines when the ball started moving. 

For all round game I personally didn't notice too much difference with the performance of the ball compared to Chrome Soft, but this is certainly a great addition the Callaway’s range of balls. 

Mel Davies

Very impressive ball. Could see some added yards off all shots especially my short irons! Love the “Triple Track” lines on the ball, I always put my own line on so this saves me the hassle and I could really see the benefits of the outside blue lines.

Very true and penetrating flight especially as I played in quite high winds. 

Pros: Triple Track lines, extra yards and consistent ball flight.

Cons: Did scuff up a bit, seemed very “explosive” off pitch and chip shots so hard to gauge distance, at £34.99RRP I feel some may be put off.

Rob Cross

I loved this golf ball off the tee, especially with driver. It seemed to hold its flight exceptionally well, but felt slightly firmer than I was used to. Irons and wedges performed great as well, producing spin and control. 

Personally, I didn't like the three lines used for alignment, again this is my preference and you can always use the ball without using these. A really good all-round ball which will suit all abilities of golfer. 

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