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REVIEW: Shot Scope V2

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Shot Scope's new and enhanced V2 has been designed to build on the sucess of the original V1 watch, including a series of additional features that have been created to assist your objective of game improvement.

Providing both automatic club recognition technology and detailed performance statistics through the use of accurate front/middle/back GPS yardages, V2 uses Shot Scope’s course mapping data to deliver a tour level of detail to the hands of regular golfers. But does it meet or surpass that promise? Golfshake Ambassador Kevin Paver has tested it for us.

Now, before getting into the very important analysis information, which is no doubt the main reason golfers will purchase this product, we do need to talk about a feature that has been a huge upgrade. Shot Scope V2 has GPS watch functionality. So, you now have three options for your round of golf - GPS (this just shows GPS course information), Pro (only tracks your shots and shows no GPS data) and GPS+Track, which is a combination of GPS & Pro. 

How Does It Work

When you open the box, you have your Shot Scope GPS watch and a bag containing 20 tags that very easily pop into the grip of your clubs. During the round, these tags record the data from your shots ready for you to upload to the Shot Scope website or mobile app, ready for you to analyse.

Set Up

Setting up Shot Scope V2 is super simple. On the website, you can create your bag, which essentially means assigning clubs to the relevant tags. You do this from simple drop-down menus that have most brands and models covered. Then, before your round you need to select your 14 weapons.

It is also worth downloading the course you are playing and syncing it to the watch before you play.

On the Course

Once you’ve arrived at the course, using the Shot Scope V2 is very easy. All you have to do it switch it on, and it will use GPS data to select your course. Then, choose the desired mode and off you go. It really is as simple as that. Shot Scope will literally collect data from every shot you hit. The only thing you need to remember, is to tag the number of putts you took when you are at the hole as the only thing it can’t do is locate the hole position. Shot Scope does remind you to do this by offering your the options of 1, 2, 3 or 4. Hopefully, you won’t ever be selecting 4!

As for the ShotS cope V2’s GPS, that was massively impressive. For the first couple of rounds I used it alongside my Bushnell laser, and it was just as accurate. So much so, I actually stopped using the Bushnell as this was much simpler. It also gives you front and back distances to bunkers and water hazards in addition to its existing front, middle and back of the green distances.

Hit one out of bounds? No bother. With Shot Scope V2 you can now classify a penalty during the round, which reduces the time you spend editing scores post-round as well as the ability to highlight a provisional shot, which starts a five-minute timer to search for a lost ball. Clever stuff.

Post Round Analysis

Now this is the bit that geeky golfers like me get excited about. The analysis. The data Shot Scope provides is incredible. There is so much information, at first it’s almost a little intimidating. However, you learn to love it very quickly.

Firstly, you can review your round hole by hole, shot by shot, which is always quite interesting to see, but is also a good way to look at what your hole by hole strategy is and if it is working.

You can see all your club distances, by round and as an average, which is great for giving you a very clear picture on how far you are hitting your clubs. One of the features I really love, is looking at each element of your game and how you are performing - driving, approaches, short game & putting, which is fantastic for identifying patterns in your game.

Seriously, you could get lost in this information for days!


A very clever bit of kit, that is super easy to use out of the box and gives you some incredibly powerful information about your golf that used in the right way will no doubt help you improve your game.


The biggest negative for me with the Shot Scope V2 was the size of the watch. It’s pretty big and can take a little getting used to on your wrist. Also, I often forgot to tag the putts at the hole which meant some post round editing.


Overall, the Shot Scope V2 is great investment if you are serious about improving your game. The analysis it provides is incredible, and it super easy to use. Not only that, you are getting a damn good GPS device too. All in all, for around the £200 RRP, I think it delivers tremendous value.

Rated 9/10

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