Stewart Golf Trolley Owners Report Handicap Improvement

By: Golfshake Editor | Fri 26 Oct 2018 | Comments

You may not instantly think of a new trolley as being something that will improve your game, but users of Stewart Golf's X9 Follow have reported that their golf has improved by an average of three shots since they bought the model.

The survey revealed that a significant majority of customer’s handicaps have improved since they started using a Stewart machine, and crucially 94% of owners agreed that their Stewart trolley is ‘an important part of their golf equipment’. The survey also found that more than 94% of Stewart Golf customers would recommend the British manufacturer to a friend.

When it came to the flagship X9 Follow model, the majority of owners are more relaxed on the course, feel they have more preparation time, walk less distance and suffer less back and joint pain. With the most common income being under £50k, an average handicap of 15 and playing twice a week, Stewart customers are clearly dedicated golfers. 

Stewart Golf MD David Funnell said: “Our machines are unapologetically premium, but we have long maintained that our customers are serious golfers, as opposed to just wealthy hackers! Golfers invest in Stewart machines because they believe our technology will help their game.”

The company invited a group of customers to Moor Park Golf Club to learn more about their experience with the X9 Follow. A video presented by sports broadcaster Georgie Bingham is available at now.

Jeff said: “I recommend the X9 wholeheartedly, it’s great fun just to walk round the course with freedom, it’s relaxing, stylish, looks good - it’s great! I’ve gone down two strokes since I’ve had it.”

Karl said: “It’s just so easy to use. You don’t have to worry about anything when you’re playing golf - you can concentrate on your game.”

Chris said: “My golf has improved and I’d say that my Stewart has been part of that, because I’ve been able to concentrate on hitting the ball.”

Sandy said: “You walk down the fairway like a pro! I think it has improved my golf because I’m relaxed… my handicap has come down two or three shots in the last few months since I’ve had it.”

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