10 Things to Help Make 2018 Your BEST Golfing Year Yet

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With 2018 now here it is the perfect time to plan your golfing goals, challenges and trips; whether that is playing better, simply playing more golf, playing new courses or a quest to lower your handicap.  Below there are 10 great ideas and Golfshake content series' to help get your game on track for 2018.

Track Your Score - Lower Your Handicap

The Pros do it so why shouldn't you?  Our free online golf score tracker will allow you to track where you play & your golf scores plus optional game stats.   We've been tracking scores for over 10 years and our research shows that those tracking scores will generally see a 3 shot reduction in their golf handicap over a season.  Sign up today to the free service which will track unlimited rounds on multiple courses.

Get a Golf Handicap

With more golfers choosing to be non club golfers then how do you get a golf handicap?  benchmark your ability? and play this great game against your mates of varying levels?  this is exactly the purpose of the golf handicap system!

The Golfshake site provides the leading online golf handicap service and is the perfect way to get a golf handicap online free.  The free service will track unlimited rounds on multiple courses and maintain your golf handicap plus the handicaps for 3 of your mates!  Sign up free today.   Plus you could also simply join a golf club, here are 20 reasons why you should.

Watch our 5 Week Putting Programme Series

In this series of putting videos Dean Halford, the Online Golf Coach, aims to make you a more complete putter.  Watch the videos or sign up to our Weekly Email to receive weekly video tips over the next 5 weeks sent direct to your inbox.

5 Week Putting Programme

Watch our 4 Week Tournament Preparation Series

Sign up to our FREE 4-week Tour Prep Tuition programme with European Tour Player and Galvin Green Ambassador, Chris Paisley.  Chris has shared some of the secrets behind his success on tour.

4 Week Tour Pre Programme

Watch our 4 Week Short Game Lesson Series with Andrew Murray

We have produced ten helpful tuition videos with European Senior Tour Professional Andrew Murray focused on Short Game Lesson.  Andrew is joined by Chloe Allyn of On the Green with Chloe and Kevin Paver of Hackers to Single Figures, which should provide that extra bit of insight that will make a difference to your 2018 golf season.


Watch our 4 Week Chipping Programme

Senior Teaching Professional at The Belfry, Phil Akers has created a 4-week chipping programme which will help you with one of the most important areas of the game.   In the series specifically designed to help you improve your up and down and scrambling stats.

4 Week Chipping Series

Watch our Effective Practice Services with Steve Astle

Steve Astle, the Head of Instruction at EMGA in Derbyshire, provides a great series of videos to help with Effective Practice.

Effective Practice

Set Goals and Targets

Any idea of your strengths and weaknesses? Simply track your scores and stats and Golfshake well let you know if you are a 10 handicap golfer putting like a 24 handicapper.  Using the Goals and Targets you can also set your own goals and target golf handicap for the year head.

Additionally the Golfshake score tracking service provides lots of fun challenges and reports such as; the Birdie Challenge - could you birdie every hole at your regular course?  the Birdie Par Bogey report and the Golfshake awards.  The awards and accolades are a great way to set your own challenges such as the No 8s - could you keep 8s off your scorecard?  Early Birdie - can you birdie the first hole of a course?  Birdie Streak - 3 birdies in a row.  To take advantage of these insights on your quest to improving your golf sign up to the Golfshake score tracker today.

Golfshake Goals and Targets

Track Your Stats or Practice Sessions with our Visual Shot Trackers

Our custom designed round records and visual shot trackers are the perfect way for you to track your rounds, stats and practice sessions.  The score cards provide an easy way to track your simple scores and stats and the visual shot trackers provide a great way to track your shot performance or even your practice sessions. Buy online today from only £3.99

On Course Stat tracking and Round Recorders

Plan a Golf Trip

The start of the year is a great time to plan your golf for the rest of the year but here in the UK the weather is not always that inspiring in January.   So why not plan a golf trip this year either in the UK or somewhere warmer? 

Even if you've never planned a golf trip before we have some great articles to help with the planning & offer inspiration. Check out the following:


Let us know how you get on with any of these and good luck with your golfing quests in 2018!  We'd also love to hear what your plans on, simply comment below.

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