Feature Review: Benross MDR Wedges

By: Golfshake Editor | Tue 04 Jul 2017 | Comments

The new Benross tribe MDR wedges offer brilliant design and exceptional performance for any standard of golfer. With a long list of key features and clever alterations, these wedges are ready to compete with the best on the market.

  • CNC Milled USGA Conforming Face Grooves
  • Increased hosel length for maximum shot stability 
  • HT Grind design
  • Plated carbon steel finished 
  • Cavity slot design optimises CG position 
  • KBS tour wedge shaft 
  • Lamkin UTX REL compound grip 

The design by Benross immediately stands out to look very professional and finished well, in Ryan's opinion the overall finish reminds him of the Titleist Vokey design in both quality and the look of the golf club. The satin finish on the club is used similarly to the new Benross irons which gives the wedges a high quality looking finish.

The performance of the wedge reflects this high quality finish with its outstanding performance. Although the wedges are not forged like many other competitors out there, the carbon steel plated finish helps with a very soft touch off the face, great for controlling spin and distance control. This high performance from the wedges is perfect for both the high and low handicap golfer. The face has a lot of forgiveness and is very soft in contact with the ball, a helpful feature for most high handicap golfers, however it is also effective for utilising spin and control, a key factor for most low handicap golfers. 

Overall the new Benross MDR wedges stand out as a clear competitor to most of the high end branded wedges most people would associate with being the best. They act as a cheaper alternative to these competitors, but their performance and quality can still compete with the best. 

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