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Feature Interview: Rebekka Schlippe on ECCO's innovative design process

By: | Thu 08 Jun 2017 | Comments

Having been shoe designers for more than 50-years, you can almost always rely on ECCO to produce an outstanding golf shoe that is comfortable, durable and performs at the highest level.

The extensive resources available to ECCO make it one of the most innovative, forward thinking shoe brands in the world. The new ECCO Cage and Cool range, are two shoes new to 2017 that offer the very best in performance and comfort.

Golfshake’s Owen Davies spoke to ECCO Golf’s Global Marketing Manager Rebekka Schlippe to discuss the process behind creating an innovative golf shoe and the new CAGE Pro and Cool designs.

Rebekka said: “Here at ECCO, it all starts with a designer to be honest. It is the designer that basically says we want to improve the outsole.

“We want to have more performance put into our sole that means we need to improve the grip even more, but at the same time maintaining the walking comfort of the shoe.

“The first inspiration, it was an organic design, so it came mainly from nature – like many of our designs do.

“The designer then had some tests, filming a lot of swings and foot movement, analyses it and starts coming up with a concept, and then hands over sketches to the R&D department who will 3D draw it. Eventually it will be 3D printed so you get an outsole print that you can take into testing and improve further.

“For instance we really felt that when we developed the technology for GORE-TEX, and we really worked on it for several years testing it in the performance department, that the technology was lacking in the golf industry right now because there's no other shoe with this technology.

“It's more or less made for golf. It’s absolutely perfect for the purpose it should serve and also having the research we've done, such as controlling the perfection line, we really felt we have the possibility to bring this into the golf market.”

ECCO have been shoe designers for over half a decade, and is something that has helped them rise to the top of the golf market according to Rebekka.

“If you look at it, we've been shoe makers for over 50 years so we've really perfected the art in terms of technology and the heritage we have. We're the only shoemaker in golf, that is solely a shoe maker. Because that's what we're good at and that's what we know.

“We have all the resources. Our logo department makes a logo that glows in the dark, or that is heat sensitive, so things like that, the possibilities are endless when you have the right resources. We really enjoy that.”

The CAGE Pro is arguably ECCO’s most popular range, and for 2017 it boasts a range of new performance features.

"We really believe in this product group. We continuously evolve it more and more from season to season and CAGE Pro now is a CAGE with a completely new spikeless outsole.


"We call it ECCO Spider Grip because of the way it looks. We're really focused here on improving the grip even more, so this area forms a grip around the sole.

“We've sliced the traction points, according to the pivoting data. At the same time they don't come up as high and have connection bars in between them to minimise collection of dirt. Because it has such a wide area of ground contact, the grip has had tremendous feedback.

“We also have some on the outside, especially during your swing, to give you some support and improve the grip.

One of the key technologies in the ECCO Cool golf shoe is the ventilation grid, which Rebekka explained in more detail for us.

“We have this ventilation grid system where you have these air channels that go through the midsole and up into the shoe.

“Essentially, the air can circulate while you move. While you step down, the air will come out then while you lift your foot off the ground the air can flow back in.



“And that way your shoes will actually stay dry, not only from the outside because of GORE-TEX but dry from the inside because the moisture can get out.

“It would actually be perfect in  a place like Florida because in the mornings you go out on the course and the fairways are wet with dew. Then you walk the first four holes or so and then it dries up, so it gets warmer and you sweat.”

Learn more about the ECCO range and their new COOL and CAGE Pro models via their website here.

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