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How did you get on ?  check out in the answers below and let us know in the comments.  Highest Golfshake staff score so far was a measly 6 !!

Who is the figure depicted on the Ryder Cup trophy?

a) Abe Mitchell
b) Harry Varden
c) Samuel Ryder

Correct Answer: C

Contrary to popular belief, the figure depicted on the trophy is not actually Samuel Ryder. The figure is in fact Abe Mitchell, his golf instructor.

When was the first Ryder Cup match held?

a) 1925
b) 1927
c) 1929

Correct Answer: B

The first Ryder Cup took place in 1927 and saw the USA take on Great Britain. The event was held at Worcester Country Club in Massachusetts and saw the USA win by a landslide 9.5-2.5 margin. Ted Ray captained the Great Britain team with Walter Hagen captaining the USA.

In what year was the Great Britain and Ireland team expanded to a European team?

a) 1977
b) 1979
c) 1981

Correct Answer: B

For the first time ever in 1979, the Ryder Cup saw the introduction of a European team as oppose to the previous Great Britain and Ireland squad. This was due to the rather one-sided nature of the games in previous years. However, this did nothing to stop the USA’s domination as they won the event 17-11.

Who holds the record for the most losses by a wildcard pick?

a) Nick Faldo
b) Ken Brown
c) Curtis Strange

Correct Answer: A

It may come as quite a shock that one of Europe’s most successful Ryder Cup players holds this record. Faldo has had a poor time as a wildcard pick losing 10 of his matches.

Who holds the record for the most match victories?

a) Tiger Woods
b) Phil Mickelson
c) Nick Faldo

Correct Answer: C

That’s right. As well as having the worst record as a wildcard pick, Nick Faldo also holds the record for the most points gained for his team with 25.  Faldo also holds the record for the most matches played by a European with 46 matches.

Who is the youngest player to play in the Ryder Cup?

a) Tiger Woods
b) Sergio Garcia
c) Keegan Bradley

Correct Answer: B

At just 19-years-old, Sergio Garcia still holds the record as the youngest competitor at a Ryder Cup when he featured in the 1999 European team. He was one of seven rookies in the 1999 team at Brookline that fell to a heart-breaking defeat.

Who was the last playing captain for Europe?

a) Dai Rees
b) Ted Ray
c) Harry Weetman

Correct Answer: A

Dai Rees was the last playing captain for Europe (Great Britain & Ireland) in the 1961 event, which the American’s won 14.5-9.5.

Who was the last playing captain for the USA?

a) Arnold Palmer
b) Sam Snead
c) Lee Trevino

Correct Answer: A

Arnold Palmer was the last playing captain for the USA in 1963. The USA also ran out 23-9 winners at that year’s event.

Other than 1969, when else has the event finished in a draw?

a) 1987
b) 1989
c) 1991

Correct Answer: B

The competition finished in a draw for only the second time in 1989 when the event was held at The Belfry. This was also the same Ryder Cup that Christy O’Connor Jr played one of the best two irons in the history of the game. The draw meant Europe retained the Ryder Cup.

How many hole-in-ones has there been at the Ryder Cup?

a) 4
b) 5
c) 6

Correct Answer:  C

There have been six hole-in-ones at the Ryder Cup with the most famous arguably being Paul Casey’s hole out on the 14th at the K Club that won him the match alongside his partner David Howell. Other people who have holed out from the tee on a par 3 are Peter Butler, Nick Faldo, Constantino Rocca, Howard Clark and Scott Verplank.


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