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By: Joshua Carr | Tue 17 May 2016 | Comments ()

The SWINGCLICK is a great way to improve the tempo of your golf swing. Amateur golfers often want to hit the ball far and translate that into trying to hit the ball hard, which speeds up the golf swing. Golfers often want the perfect swing that is on plane through out but often forget that you also need good tempo, rhythm and timing.

Swing Click

With the SWINGCLICK you can improve your tempo easily by strapping the device to your forearm. When you make a swing, the SWINGCLICK will click at the top of the swing, at impact and finish. If you swing the club back too quickly, you’ll be waiting at the top of the swing for the device to click. The easily transportable device makes you slow your swing down, which helps allow the club more time to generate club head speed that in turn helps generate distance.

The SWINGCLICK will help you learn the swing the club instead of hitting the ball as hard as you can. After just a couple of sessions on the range you’ll have a perfectly timed swing and see great improvement in your game.

Tempo, Ryhthm, Timing & Consistency - What SwingClick says

Former Sunshine Tour player and managing director of SWINGCLICK Mike Quinn said: “SWINGCLICK is the only golf training device engineered to help golfers develop a smooth, efficient backswing and downswing."

"Training with a SWINGCLICK builds confidence and improves accuracy.  Instead of trying to overpower the golf ball, SWINGCLICK trains your brain to swing the club effortlessly, with perfect tempo, just like the pros.”

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