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Impact Solutions For Golf

By: Golf Shake | Wed 01 Dec 2010 | Comments ()

Some times the best solutions are the simplest and actually most obvious. 

Guest Post from Michael Brisbane, Director of Instruction Azalea City GC

Impact Golf SolutionsThe most common problem for golfers is the slice, and how to stop slicing the golf ball. As a PGA Golf Instructor, I face this question every week. To solve this problem you must first understand why you slice the golf ball, before you can stop slicing. The slice is caused by a club path that is too much out to in, or over the top, and a clubface that is open. These two components create side spin on the golf ball, making it curve to the right, for the right handed golfer. 

So why do golfers perform these two components at the same time? The answer lies in our subconscious. Our subconscious is very active in golf and it is always trying to solve problems. However, it never gets to the cause of the problem; it always adds another flaw to compensate for the original problem. So it becomes the story of the chicken or the egg. Which came first, the over the top swing path, or the open club face? It could be either one, and the subconscious added the second component to try and solve the problem. But this is a slippery slope that will always cause you headaches and frustration in your game.

To stop slicing the ball you must address both problems. You must swing the club on the correct path and learn to square the club face. If you fix one without the other, you will hit either pulls or pushes. This is very difficult to do on your own. So I created a training/practice aid to help my students accomplish this task. I began thinking, if I could eliminate one of the flaws for you, and then your subconscious would help you fix the other problem. That is why I invented Impact Solutions For Golf . This swing training guide will not let you come over the top. If you do you will hit the guide with your club. The first few swings will be awkward, but you will quickly figure out how not to hit the guides. Then if you deliver your club face to the ball open, with an on plane shaft, you will hit push slices, which you won't like. But this is where the subconscious comes into play. It will want to fix the shot hit to the right, but it will know it can't come over the top, so it will square the club face. It is the only option it has. 

Impact Golf Solutions

My experience using the Impact Solutions For Golf with my students is that by the 5th swing, they hit a solid, straight shot. They stop slicing the golf ball. The secret then becomes using the Impact Solutions For Golf as a practice aid. Every time you practice, hit balls next to the guides. This will cause you to create a new habit, an on plane swing, with a square club face. 

The impact solutions For Golf also will help you hit down on the ball, stop hitting shanks, and hit your pitch shots and putts more solid. This is an incredible training aid. If you want to stop hitting a slice, you need to try Impact Solutions For Golf .

For more information visit www.impactsolutionsforgolf.com


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