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Why Tiger Always USED to win on a Sunday and why England DON’T win World Cups!

By: Sarah Ramowski | Fri 16 Oct 2009 | Comments ()

Karl Morris LogoKarl Morris is Europe’s leading mind coach, delivering cutting edge methods of peak performance and goal achievement to a range of clients across sports and business. 


Why Tiger Always USED to win on a Sunday and why England DON’T win World Cups!

Up to the point that Y.E.Yang broke the  run of 14:0  Tiger Woods had enjoyed a truly incredible run of victories going into the last round of a major.

If Woods was in front, he stayed in front!

His scoring average in the last round, leading in a Major is around the 69 mark whilst his opponents scoring average is a mind boggling 73.

Apart from the fact that we are dealing with a once in a lifetime genius and the greatest golfer ever there is also another intriguing factor that may have helped Tiger dominate his opponents so totally in these last round Major shootouts that may be worth you looking at in your own game.

What colour shirt does Tiger ALWAYS wear on a Sunday of a Major?

I can hear you all now because I know that you know the answer. Universally he is recognised by the trademark blood red Sunday shirt. Some of the best shots in the history of the game have been played wearing that RED shirt (16th chip in Masters).

Yet you might well be very surprised to find that wearing red can make a BIG difference.

According to a study at the University of Munster in Germany teams who wear red tops, jackets or clothing can score up to 10% more in competition than if they were wearing another colour. These experts have given the theory that red can make individuals and teams FEEL more confident as well as being perceived by others as more aggressive and dominant.

The findings do seem to tally with teams like Man Utd, Liverpool and Arsenal being the dominant forces in English football for the last thirty years AND just consider the colour of shirt that England wore on that long ago 1966 day when they brought home their one and only World Cup! (just a thought Fabio)

The German sports scientists reported their finding in New Scientist magazine. They showed video clips of taekwondo bouts to 42 experienced referees. One combatant wore blue, the other red. They then showed them the same clips but digitally manipulated the clothing to swap colours. The fighters wearing red were given an average of 13% MORE points when they ‘wore’ red as when they wore blue!

We may look at the above in a light hearted way and I know that a lot of people will be saying that the colour of a shirt isn’t going to make much difference if you play off 24 handicap and can’t hit it straight! That I would agree with, most of you who read my column would agree that I am a pragmatist if nothing else, BUT it does show the subtle ways that things that we are not always aware of CAN have an influence on HOW we perform.

Sometimes it is looking at the ‘non obvious’ that can give the biggest return. I do know of a couple of Tour Players who changed clothing contracts that forced them to wear outfits that didn’t feel right to them and it may well just be a coincidence but their form did take a dip.

That elusive ‘feeling’ of confidence can be a mysterious commodity so by all means if wearing a certain colour makes you feel good then go with that flow, we all need to stack the cards as much in our own favour as possible!



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