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Learning from The Wolf of Wall Street

Andy Griffiths explains why the Wolf of Wall Street can help us understand what is important in our game and how we can fulfil our potential through better scoring.

Change Takes Time

There are no magic fixes in golf that will transform your game at the flick of a switch.

Different Lies - Practice, Challenge, Creativity

Look at all the shots that a golfer may require around the green and it is easy to be overwhelmed.

Does Par Matter?

What does par really mean? Anything? When the difference in length between a par 4 and 5 can be as little as a yard, is it logical to decide that you ‘should’ take one less shot on the par 4?

Power of the Eyes

A great golf shot requires attention to many components. It is therefore no surprise that the best in the world have long discussions with their experienced caddies before deciding on a plan of action for the shot at hand.

Watching Other Sports Can Help Improve Your Game

In an attempt to help others with learning this great game, I often look at how other sports, games and skills are learnt. The idea: to see if there is anything that may help improve the game of golfers I share time with.

Challenge Yourself - Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

When was the last time that you were slightly scared or panicky when you practiced golf? For many of you the answer will be never, or maybe very occasionally whilst playing a competition against a golfing rival.

Warming Up

Golf is physically demanding. No doubt about it! During the full swing, clubs are propelled from standstill to over 100 mph in just over a second. Andy Griffiths talks through warming up to help start lowering your scores and reducing that niggling lower back pain.

Effective Practice - Real Golf

Golf is played on a golf course. Golf lessons are regularly taken on the driving range. Two quite obvious statements I am sure you would agree. Yet the more I coach, the more I am convinced this needs to be addressed.

Golfers are Clever

After some of the crazy compensations I have seen in golf swings, I am completely convinced that many golfers are in fact very clever, despite what they may think. Let me explain.

Golf is Fun! Enjoy It

Andy Griffiths writes about how you, the golfer, can have some more fun out on the links. After all, if you really thought about it, isn’t that why you play the game? To have fun? To enjoy being outside with good company?

Understand the How and Why of Your Ball Flight

Andy Griffiths gives some facts on impact and ball flight and explains how to analyse what you do.

3 Effective Practice Tips

In this article I want to focus on your practice time and how to make some changes that will ultimately get you closer to achieving your golfing goals.

Play Your Best Golf This Year!

As the main golfing season is starting off, now is the time to look back on the year of golf and evaluate how you progressed towards your goals.

Andy Griffiths

Andy is a UKPGA member & graduate of the AGMS degree at the University of Birmingham. He's coached in more than 30 countries and travelled and worked with many of the best in the business. His no. 1 desire is to help golfers reach their dreams, and to enjoy the process!

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