Top 5 Tips for Playing Golf on a Family Holiday

By: Kevin Paver | Thu 30 May 2019 | Comments

Article by Golfshake's Kevin Paver

Playing golf on a family holiday is a topic that is often discussed in our house. Many times, we find ourselves on holiday in destinations that have some pretty amazing golf courses nearby, which of course, I want to go and play whilst I’m there.

However, I’m the only golfer in the family. Well, my eldest son (aged 9) plays a little, bit not enough to play on a full course yet. My youngest son (aged 6) does not golf, that would be a disaster! My wife does not golf. I’d go as far as to say my wife passionately hates golf!

So, as the only golfer in my family, is it acceptable for me to head off for the best part of five hours to play golf whilst I’m supposed to be spending time with my nearest and dearest?

On a recent trip to Belek in Turkey, I managed to fit in two rounds of golf, WITHOUT falling out with my entire family! Here are my TOP 5 TIPS  FOR PLAYING GOLF ON A FAMILY HOLIDAY!


There’s nothing worse when you're dragging two kids around the airport with all their luggage, to then have to worry about dragging your 20kg golf bag as well! So, leave the clubs at home and hire some. I hired a set from Clubs To Hire, who are now located in many destinations across the world. I chose my set online, of which there are lots of options and arranged for them to be delivered to my at my hotel the day after I arrived.

As arranged, my set of TaylorMade M4 clubs, with a TaylorMade putter and bag were delivered to me by a Clubs To Hire representative and we’re almost as new. A superb service. He was also very knowledgeable about the local courses and gave me some great advice. He even offered to help me with transport.

Using Clubs To Hire instead of taking my own clubs... box number 1 TICKED!


Whilst my wife does categorically hate golf, she does love a spa. So when booking our hotel, it made sense to find one that had something there that she likes to do when enjoying some much needed R&R.

A Spa. Perfect.

Before we arrived, I booked a half day spa session for her to have on our first full day whilst the kids and me had a ‘boys morning’.

Happy wife = more chance of golf!


Taking my six-year-old to a golf course at the minute is not advisable. Firstly, he’s loud and somewhat kamikaze. Secondly, he’d be bored after two holes. However, taking my eldest was an option.

He does play a little golf, and has done for a couple of years. He has a pretty good golf swing too, but hasn’t really played on a full course before. Originally, I had planned to get him some clubs and have him play a few of the holes with me, but a broken arm scuppered those plans. That said, he did come with me as official buggy driver and caddy!

I did worry that he’d also be a little bored, but he wasn’t at all. He really soaked up the beautiful courses we played, and enjoyed working out the yardages from the course planners. He actually said it was “the best day ever”. What really made the day for me was that it has totally sparked his interest in playing properly when we get home and the arm is fixed.

He also decided he would film some of the round and make his own video!



If you have managed to schedule some time to play a round or two, consider what time you tee off.

Getting out on the course nice and early achieves two things; firstly, if you’re in a warmer climate it means you’ll be able to play before it’s gets unbearably hot. Secondly, the course is less likely to be busy meaning you’ll be back quicker.

The first round we played, we tee’d off at 7am. This meant we were first out and with the buggy, we were done just after 10am and back around the pool by 10:45am.


This one is important.

Negotiate well and don’t push it too far, at the end of the day, you are on a family holiday...NOT a golf trip.

I stayed in Turkey for seven nights and played two rounds of golf which I think is pretty good going. I knew in advance I’d be playing twice, so I made sure I picked two really nice courses; I played the PGA Sultan and Gloria New Course, which were both stunning. The rest of the time I made sure I filled it with fun family stuff.

So, there you go. My top 5 tips for playing golf on a family holiday, when you are the only one that plays golf!

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