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Post by Owen Davies, Golfshake Content Editor

Sun Mountain have long been regarded as one of the finest produces of golf bags in the world and have continually looked to innovate with their product, so when we came across their new Zero Gravity Bag with it's market first Hip Belt at the 2015 PGA Merchandise show it is fair to say we were keen to put it to the test on the course. That is exactly what we did! 

What Sun Mountain Say 



The Zero Gravity Bag looks superb in my opinion. the one I tested is very striking in an electric blue with the black of the zips, base and logo contrasting the blue. Small detailing with the logo such as on the top handle and centre of straps adds a quality touch. 

The Hip Belt, this bags secret weapon, is not exactly the most appealing thing to look at, maybe it just looks odd compared to a normal carry bag and I was worried about looking like a bit of an idiot on course, but once on, you don't actually look silly at all. In fact I was expecting finger pointing and sniggers from my player partners and the opposite was true with just jealous looks and the occasional comment about my 'awesome' new bag. 


Having purchased and used Sun Mountain bags in the past I was intrigued to see how the new bag would match up to it's predecessors. Often I find double straps tricky to get to into a comfortable setting, but the  'Auto-Fit Dual Strap System' was easily adjusted and I soon found a comfortable setting. Carrying the bag it felt well balanced and light. it weighs in at just 5.5lbs, while this is not the lightest you will find on the market, it still felt plenty light enough not to cause an issue over 18 holes.

Sun Mountain Three 5 Zero-G
Sun Mountain Three 5 Zero-G

The real beauty of the bag and what sets it apart from every other carry bag on the market is the Hip Belt. As I mentioned I was a little worried about it's looks, but my fears were soon diminished. I will talk about performance in a moment, but the feel from the Hip Belt was really quite surprising, it literally lifts 80% of the bag weight from your shoulders and redeposits on your hips where you carry it by more easily, allowing you to stand straighter! Genius! 

Hip Belt Info:

  • The belt fits 30"- 50" hips, is easily adjusted and is held securely in place by a buckle closure
  • The cushioned hip pad and belt provide lumbar support and in conjunction with the Auto-Fit Dual Strap System promote better posture and increased carry comfort


The performance of the bag is really quite remarkable. The Hip Belt really makes a massive difference, I stood straighter when walking and did not stoop forward. The weight that it transferred onto my hips was not noticeable and I certainly felt less tired after using the Hip Belt than rounds I played without it. 

The stand, an important feature for any carry bag also works really well, easy to set down and efficient, there is not a lot not to like. 

Maybe the only area that the bag falls down on for me is in the wet, when playing in the rain it took in water in the pockets, however the hood performed well and my grips were dry after 9 holes in the rain. 


A classy bag, with great looks and brilliant performance to match. The Hip Belt was a revelation. Really a great bag with a huge amount going for it. 


Pockets slightly on the small side and water easily entered through the zips. 

The Bottom Line

If you are in the market for a new carry bag, you need to give the Sun Mountain Three 5 Zero-G serious consideration especially if you suffer from a bad back and poor posture. The Hip Belt was amazingly good, so good in fact that would have to think seriously about using any other carry bag again. Find a stockist and try it for yourself! 

Golfshake Rating - 9.5/10

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