The Golf Swing Alignment Towel Review

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Review by Alex Picken

As a golfer who continually struggles with the fundamentals of correct and consistent alignment, the simple and straightforward concept of the Golf Swing Alignment Towel is the ideal tool to use on the range for quick and improved results.

After not playing any golf for a couple of months, the first thing I noticed was my lack of ball striking consistency. I am sure I am not alone when I say that when I spend a long period time away from the game, the subtle nuances of timing and tempo are the first things to vanish. This is where the Swing Alignment Towel comes into a world of its own, helping to practice better ball striking through a unique simplicity that delivers outstanding results.

The concept of the towel is to provide consistency in set-up and for myself this was amplified in the results of my ball striking. Usually during my practice sessions ball position is something that goes out the window, my 1000 swing thoughts override the most basic and necessary golf swing fundamentals. Before the swing towel, I would notice how my ball position continually changes, and specifically to me, always seems to drop back too far back. Just shortly after using the towel I noticed how easy it was to correct this behaviour as the Swing Alignment Towel encourages me to focus on ball position first, helping me to get into the correct and most comfortable position for the club in my hand each time. With very little thought or difficulty, my ball position became incredibly consistent for every club, allowing the rest of my swing to take over and provide me with the consistent ball striking I want. I fully believe in any practice drill that allows me to forget about specific fundamentals and just focus on playing golf.

The next very noticeable thing about the towel is the affect it can have on both teaching and correcting the appropriate set-up to the golf ball. While factors like height can change subtle fundamentals of your stance, what the Swing Alignment Towel does provide is the perfect foundation to create a stable base and starting point to find your own comfortable position. For example, I am around 6’3 with naturally broad shoulders, which meant that the recommended driver stance for me felt slightly narrow and uncomfortable, but when it came to pitching, this narrower stance which I wasn’t usually accustomed to felt much better and helped me control distance more effectively. This is something I think is brilliant for amateur golfers, the towel can be used as a strict specification for stance and posture or as a guideline to help golfers find their own unique and comfortable position at set-up.

While the towel is designed for the purpose of training drills and to improve your golf swing, its natural function to clean golf clubs and balls performs as good as any towel would, if not better. The towel is machine washable and comes equipped with a carabiner for easy attachment to your golf bag.

There is no doubt in my mind that the Swing Alignment Towel is for golfers of all abilities. As a community, we are overloaded with information about the golf swing, from wrist positions to footwork, we are constantly told about different techniques needed to hit the perfect golf shot. But in my opinion, we have forgotten about the basics and fundamentals of the golf set-up that the professionals have mastered so well. Every professional golf swing has their own unique elements, from Jim Furyk to Adam Scott, just like snowflakes there are no two swings completely identical, but the golf set-up however has stayed similar in its foundation since its creation. My argument is that the set-up and fundamental principles of things like the stance and alignment are more important for many amateurs than the swing itself. This is where I believe the Swing Alignment Towel is perfect. Whether it's elite golfers wanting to go back to the basics of the game, or aspiring newcomers to the sport wanting to learn the best fundamentals of the set-up, the Swing Alignment Towel works perfectly for both standard of golfer.

Personally, as a golfer who was not too long ago defined as a junior golfer, this is the kind of practice tool I wish I could have used. We admire the professionals so much we focus on their powerful hitting and amazing club-head speed, ignoring the fundamentals that go on seemingly behind the scenes. For a parent who is wanting to help their son or daughter take up the game, I think this is a brilliant tool for them to use to develop their golf skills. Mastering the basics allows for everything else around it to develop with efficiency and effectiveness.

For more information about the Golf Swing Alignment Towel, click here.

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