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Review by Golfshake Ambassador Rob Treanor

Golfin is an online coaching network which offers tailored one-to-one tuition through video link consultations and tailored instructional videos with PGA professionals. The programme is flexible, convenient and in our testing, delivered excellent performance benefits.

Key Benefits

  • Film your swing and watch feedback videos at a time that suits you without the constraints of an appointment availability.
  • Tailored swing videos and training drills sent from your allocated Golfin coach to help improve your golf.
  • As well as swing videos and training drills, the Golfin team discuss your overall approach to the game, offering a rounded performance experience with more elements than traditional mechanical lessons.
  • More regular dialogue and support with your coach is encouraged through short videos and app messages increasing the likelihood of changes having an effect.
  • Videos can be viewed infinitely, allowing the entire session to really sink in as opposed to trying to remember all the advice in a traditional coaching lesson.
  • Become part of the Golfin community with a resource hub, shared area to communicate with other members and take part in future events.

The Process

After an initial questionnaire designed to understand the golfer’s key objectives, users are paired with a PGA qualified Golfin coach who is ideally suited to match the area of the game the student wishes to work on. The initial consultation is a video call to discuss the process, the area of the game to work on as well as identifying some specific and measurable targets on which to benchmark success and chart progress.


After the initial consultation, users upload six videos of their current swing at a convenient time through the app. This allows the Golfin coach to analyse the swing tendencies and offer a bespoke series of drills, swing thoughts, advice and practice games all designed to achieve the agreed targets. The standard video function on any smartphone or mobile device is suitable to capture the footage and uploading is simple. Golfin also provides a short video tutorial on how to do this effectively and the process is easy to follow and understand.

Feedback & Improvement

My personal goal was to work on my three wood and the agreed target of increase average distance off the tee from 190 to 220 yards. During the initial consultation process my coach probed my reasons for feeling why this area of my game needed work and we looked at my statistics to ensure this was the correct area to focus the project.

Having filmed and submitted the initial six videos, I received a tailored 30-minute instructional video back. The first half was analysis of my swing using the videos I had submitted, with helpful lines and annotations to understand the mechanics of our start state. The second half of the video was my coach on the range demonstrating a series of movements, drills and thoughts he felt would help us achieve the desired target. The video finished with an exceptionally useful “key points” which summarised the five points to work on.

The suggested drills were easy to put into practice on the range and after only one practice session, there were noticeable distance gains during the weekly club stableford competition where I shot 34 points. The slightly tweaked movements had really started to make a difference and my regular playing partners commented on how much further I was hitting the ball. My coach was keen to hear progress updates, so I posted a quick video through the app to describe what had worked well and what the key feelings were.

We went on to repeat the process of me submitting a set of swing videos by way of demonstrating progress and receiving feedback from my coach. The drills were genuinely easy to understand and put into practice and we developed a relationship of reporting performance after each competition.


One of the big differences I noticed between the Golfin process and more traditional lessons is that the touchpoints are more frequent. Rather than having to wait for the next hour-long lesson, we stayed in regular contact through the app using a mixture of text and short videos. This meant that the coaching messages were more deeply embedded, and the relationship was more of a performance coach than the teacher/student relationship in a traditional lesson format. The investment in a lesson is therefore more likely to pay back, given that the messages are constantly being reinforced.


Typically following a series of lessons, I would expect a period of sub-optimal results whilst the rebuilding effect of the new movements takes hold before emerging with restored confidence. Given the intelligent use of my personal ability level, this dip in performance didn’t materialise and in club competitions I shot 34, 34, 39 and 38 points. The increased distance which we had achieved wasn’t at the expense of precision, with a very pleasing 77% of fairways hit on average from the tee. This maintenance of performance during swing changes is a testament I believe to the quality of coaching delivered. The clear and simple drills and instructions all played to my strengths as a golfer and were things which easily fitted in with my game.

All of a sudden, I was getting to places on the course from the tee which I hadn’t managed to reach before. The benefit of the increase in distance was that I found myself on or around the green in regulation where I know I can rely on my chipping and putting to score. Compared this to before the changes when on a long hole I would still have a 50-yard shot into the green this started to have a noticeable effect on my scores.

One of the most useful elements was playing back the instructional video from my coach when I was in the car on my way to the course. Listening to the audio of the video allowed me to focus on the key messages and be in a very focused state of mind once I arrived at the course which is a unique performance takeaway I think made a difference to my competition results.


Golfin is a convenient and flexible performance platform fit for the modern golfer. Combining excellent use of technology with top class coaching, the programme works to your schedule free from the constraints of coach and player booking slot availability.

The menu of options the coach provides allows you to select the drills which feel most comfortable. For me, there were some movements which really had a big impact quickly. At times I would introduce one new move and on occasions I would add a couple in. Having the choice of doing this at my pace and re-watching the videos during my practice sessions meant it was a comfortable and flexible way of embedding a better swing.

As well as the mechanics of the swing, there is more of an impact on the game with a focus on psychology, course management and performing to targets. This is a complete golf performance package which will have lasting effects to your game.

For more on Golfin, visit the Official Website.

‘Lockdown’ Golfin are offering 50% off a first ‘Par’ package with code Golfin50.

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