FatPlate MirrorBar & Mirror Insert Review

REVIEW: Mirror Bar & Mirror Insert

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Review by Golfshake Ambassador Mel Davies

Producing acclaimed training aids for golfers of all skill levels, FatPlate is regularly seen on European Tour practice ranges, but its PuttPlate category is also hugely popular on the circuit. The MirrorBar has been engineered to improve your alignment, helping you to hole more putts.

Adding feedback to practice with MirrorBar, placing this tool in specific positions and angles to assist with body and club alignment during setup, also monitoring excessive or unwanted movement during your putting stroke or golf swing. This can used with any FatPlate products or on its own.

Golfshake Ambassador Mel Davies has been testing the MirrorBar and PuttPlate Mirror Insert for us, a product that can also enhance your green reading skills through a tee peg sized central hole, allowing you to rotate the MirrorBar if that first read wasn't correct. Guidelines have been introduced to ensure correct postural angles and alignments, ball position and shaft lean. During practice swings and full shots, the Mirror Bar can be used to monitor body tilts, wrist action, swing length, shaft planes, lateral sway.


Both the MirrorBar and Mirror Insert have the look of a well-made and well-designed product. The Mirror Insert fits perfectly into the PuttPlate making it all look fantastic and easy to use and move around. Both products come in their own protective soft sleeves for protection and fit easily into your golf bag.


Very sturdy and they are both quality products made to the highest spec.


I’ve been using both of these for the last few weeks to help my putting and alignment. Both are very easy to use and move around but give great and instant feedback to alignment, where your eyes are over the ball, and together with the PuttPlate provide excellent feedback from the stroke. It all fits nice and snug to the ground meaning the stroke can be carried out as if the product wasn't actually there which I really like. Since using this my stroke and alignment are better, and the putts are starting to drop.


Great products, easy to use and they give instant feedback.



The Bottom Line

I must be honest I am so impressed by both these products from FatPlate. simple yet so effective.

For more information, visit https://fatplate-golf.com/.

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