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Titleist Pro V1 & Pro V1x Test Feedback

By: Golfshake Editor | Tue 21 May 2019 | Comments

It has now been over 18 years since Titleist launched the Pro V1, and the legendary brand has marked 2019 with the introduction of new Pro V1 and Pro V1x balls for this season. Pro Pro and Golfshake Equipment Expert Ryan Rastall met with Titleist to learn more about the releases, but to discover how they perform in the hands of regular golfers, we dispatched the balls off to our Golfshake Ambassadors, who have been testing them during the early months of this year.

Ethan Davies

With each version of the Pro V1 line of balls, I have felt there have been very small, incremental changes that have allowed for Titleist to massively improve the ball when you look back over several iterations. The 2019 Pro V1x is no different. I found that the performance was very comparable to previous versions and, despite being hard to test for any differences, I was extremely impressed by the performance of the ball. 

In the wind the ball performed astonishingly well, something which is important for a premium golf ball in 2019. Being an X ball, the feel was on the firmer side which is something I prefer in a golf ball. With Titleist switching up the characteristics of the regular Pro V1 and the X model last year, feel around and on the green has become something that is more integral to choosing your Pro V1 than ever and I feel that Titleist has got the feel of the Pro V1x spot on this year in comparison to some of its competitors. Another thing of note is that the ball is extremely durable in comparison to other offerings in the premium golf ball space whilst still offering exceptional control. Overall the Pro V1x for 2019 is more of an evolution than a revolution, however; it is still an incredibly impressive golf ball and one that will be hard to knock off the top spot in the premium golf ball market. 

Rob Cross

To get my hands some of the new Titleist balls for 2019 was a treat! I used these balls over a period of six rounds - mainly the Pro V1x but also managed to get some testing in with the Pro V1 model. 

Pro V1x - My ball of choice previous to any review. As with previous models, performed exceptionally well. Great off the face of the driver, lower spinning than the Pro V1 which suits my game, especially off the "chief". During the test, I actually spun the ball back up a slope on two occasions! I do think this version offers more spin than previous years. Iron strikes felt soft and can vary the shape with ease. I will continue to use this ball, also longevity was good - I used the same ball for three consecutive rounds. 

Pro V1 - When I visited Titleist a few years ago, the guy who fitted my clubs said that I could actually use either ball. Preferring the slightly lower spin of the Pro V1x was my preference. However, I have to say how well this ball performed. The ONLY difference I noticed was slightly more grab on short shorts around the green. I could easily game this ball, which performed exceptionally in all aspects of the game. 

In summary, I used these balls previously and if anything the newer versions would only strengthen my continued use of Titleist balls for the foreseeable future. 

Mel Davies

As they say in life you get what you pay for! Pro V1 balls are expensive but if you want a ball that performs for all aspects of your game with a consistency that’s hard to match then this is the ball for you.

Great distance from all full shots with a very consistent and penetrating ball flight (yet again I used it in windy conditions).

Feels great around and on the green. 

Seems more durable than previous versions. 

Ed Dimambro

I tested both balls together in two sessions, one to test longer shots with seven iron/driver and the other to test all short game shots. Both balls certainly offered small gains in carry distances of between 1-3 yards with irons whilst no real change to durability, which is impressive. It was actually quite a blustery day out on the course and the reduced spin off of both balls for the longer shots was noticeable when trying to flight it down into the wind.

For me the Pro V1x is the slightly firmer and higher spinning model of the two which is a plus for me when you get into the short game testing. They both continue to offer the same impressive feel around the green, with the Pro V1 being the slightly softer of the two. I tested a variety of shots around the green including bunkers, bump and runs, chips and short pitches up to 60 yards.

The differences on the longer short game shots tended to be ball flight with the Pro V1x was slightly higher and had a little more spin as it landed. My preference is the Pro V1x, as it fits well with the gapping, I prefer the higher spin for shorter shots and the feel is just first class. The Pro V1 balls have long been the benchmark in golf and continued improvements suggest that doesn't look like changing anytime soon.

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