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PhiGolf is an affordable example of golf technology that combines a home based golf simulator with a swing analysis device. The sensor fits into any golf club (as well as the Swing Trainer that is also available and allows for indoor usage where space is not at a premium) and provides an assessement of your swing and putting technique, offering key stats including  club speed, angle, tempo, distance. Golfers can also play a full round on one of the virtual courses, wherever they are. 

Tech Specs

The sensor itself is small and unnoticeable and screws into the top of the grip of your club. Weighing at 10 grams you will hardly notice it is there and doesn't get in the way of your swing. The only other technical side is the app that needs to be downloaded, either on tablet or smartphone.

PhiGolf can be played on a big screen TV or a smart TV by simply mirroring the app onto the TV.


Once the sensor is charged and fitted into the golf grip you switch it on at the same time as you open the app. This way the sensor and your device will 'pair' together and you're good to go!



Once you have had a few swings to get used to the feeling of swinging a golf club indoors (seems strange at first and worried I'd hit something with a full swing but fear not!) you can start to play around with some of the different features and games involved. The club changing option is also a good feature as everyone is hitting the clubs different distances.

Swing Analysis - PhiGolf analyzes and provides on the 3D view all types of data required for swing coaching - head speed, swing path, tempo, face angle, attack angle and estimated distance. This is a really useful function if you fully understand all the attributes that go into your golf swing. It may also be worth screenshotting these and sending them off to your pro!

Phigolf Swing Analysis

Putting Analysis - You can view the line of putting you have made. By using the unique putting line of PhiGolf, you can learn how to find the correct putting line and practice to increase consistency. I'm not 100% convinced by this function as far as distance control is concerned but it should help you getting the putter starting and finishing on a better path.

Phigolf Putting Analysis

Stroke game - Play a game with your friends or family on a real 18-hole course. You can play a 3-hole round, and up to 4 players can enjoy a round of golf. It's great to add a fun side with the games, but again with chipping and putting I'm not 100% on the accuracy and obviously you can't replicate the real thing but nonetheless it is really good fun to be able to play some courses in the comfort of your front room.

Phigolf Stroke game

Driving range mode - In the Driving Range mode, you can select a club and distance to practice swing or putting. This is probably the mode you might use when you first give the PhiGolf a try. Just hitting balls on the range with a little bit of shot tracer thrown in for good measure. You can also change clubs depending on what you want to hit.

Phigolf Driving Range

Nearest mode - In the Nearest mode, you win the game if your ball is nearest to the hole. In this game mode, there is no limitation on the number of players or attempts. This is the mode that I think I am most interested in as I plan to work on my wedges a lot during the winter months. 120 yards and in and having that consistent feel of hitting different numbers cant be a bad thing!

Nearest the pin mode on Phigolf

Online multi-game - You can play games with users in other countries. Play a game on the match list or create a match room with your friends to enjoy an online golf.


Delivers the opportunity to play some golf and work on your game during winter in the comfort of your own home. 


I would always question how accurate some of the numbers PhiGolf will give you are - as with any golf simulator.


Overall PhiGolf have a great affordable (Under £200) product that can be both fun and serious.

Rated 8/10

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