Trion:Z Loop Duo Wristband Review

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Review by Golfshake Ambassador Mel Davies (Handicap 11) in August 2018

The Trion:Z Loop Duo band is a unique magnetic & negative ion wristband. It uses patented ANSPO magnetic therapy technology and are the only sports health wristband on the market to have a Japanese medical approval and a Class 1 CE mark.

With a choice of two or three magnets and packed with high levels of negative ions, these products are the strongest and most effective products of their type on the market today. The Trion:Z brand has been promoted in the Europe for the past six years. Since its founding in 1997, many thousands of professional athletes, celebrities and sports stars alike have proudly worn Trion:Z to enhance their performance and well-being. It's perfect if you are looking for a clean, comfortable and stylish design which is ideal for work and play.

Tech Specs

The ZEN DUO-LOOP 4 Magnet wristband features an ION CORE™, central rubberised core infused with powerful negative ion producing minerals.

The brushed anodized black alu-steel power house POD capsule features polarized ANSPO magnetic technology working together to produce the most powerful product of its type on the market today.


Very stylish looking band that fits nicely onto your wrist and oesn't look out of place whether on the course, in the clubhouse or in general day to day activities


Nice fit when you choose the correct sized band, easy to put on and you hardly notice that it's there.


I've worn this for the best part of two months. Having struggled with niggling knee and back injuries down the years I was interested to see if this would aid these aches and pains. It is hard to say for sure if the band has aided my aches and pains, but I played four games in five days which is a lot for me in a short period of time and I felt fine without any issues to my injuries.


I've been playing more golf in shorter periods of time than I have done for many years and my old injuries have not reared up so that is a massive plus for me.


Material gets dirty and the only way to clean is by hand.

The Bottom Line

At around £20-£30 is well priced and is definitely worth the investment. Very stylish looking and well made.

Rated 8/10
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