The 13 Best Jobs in Golf

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Post by Golf Writer, Alex Picken

What are the very best jobs in golf? Which one do you dream of (well we all know that), but if you are not going to be a tour player what would your dream job be in the golf industry? 

1. Tour Player

The obvious dream for every golfer would be the lifestyle of a professional golfer playing on tour. In recent years the images of the top golfers frequently flying to the finest hotels in luxurious private jets, ready to play the most prestigious golf courses in the world has become a frequently common occurrence. The astonishing tournament prize money and lucrative sponsorship opportunities available for professional tour players has meant that joining the tour has become an incredibly financially beneficial prospect. The game has levitated to massive heights and young golfing superstars like Spieth, Fowler and Thomas are paving the way for a passionately envious future generation of golfers determined to follow in their footsteps.

2. Caddy

The idea of carrying a heavy tour bag round some golf course 4 days a week in a variety of challenging weather conditions doesn’t sound like the most amazing job in the world, but in recent years we have seen the job of being a tour players caddy become a lot more popular. Many caddies now receive the same facilities and resources that most tour players do, travelling the world side by side with one of the world’s best golfers and watching them play up close and personal would be thrilling for any golf fan. Not to mention the typical 10% fee a caddy receives for any tournament that their partner wins.

3. Greenkeeper

A vital job role for any golf course in the world. A bad greenkeeper or no greenkeeper at all, can leave a golf course in a very sorry state and sometimes beyond all repair or salvation. Alternatively, a good greenkeeper can take all the plaudits when their greens are showcased at the highest level on tour in pristine condition. Take the recent PGA Championship at Quail Hollow for example, the greens were the talk of the town for the whole week and showcased the greenkeeper and their staffs work on the highest pedestal.

4. Golf Coach

A job that requires a lot of work and patience, but for the right person it can be one of the most rewarding golf related jobs on the market. Coaches in the states will travel nationwide for competitions and tournaments, having the pleasure of watching the next generation of golfers play at collegiate level. The job requires a lot of patience and confidence so you can use your own golfing talent to help improve the level of others.

Best Jobs in Golf

5. Social Media Manager

As golf has become more popular with the younger generation, so has the social media profile of the game of golf itself. Popular golf pages on Instagram and Twitter have hundreds of thousands of followers constantly checking their pages for new information about golf related events. As this influence becomes more prominent in golf, many jobs are opened along with it. Spending your career following the PGA tour as a social media manager would be a dream come true for many golf fanatics. Being inside the ropes filming the stars up close and posting your content for millions of sports fans worldwide to enjoy would be hugely satisfying prospect.

6. Golf Writer

Only a small percentage of people would enjoy the idea of having to sit down and write page after page about a specific golf event as a career. But for the people who have a passion about writing and golf, the career of a golf writer ticks all the boxes for an entertaining career. One of the obvious perks of this job would be the hospitality that is provided for journalists attending golf events or interviewing golf stars. Getting behind the ropes access for interviews and privileged journalistic access to golf’s major tournaments allows you to see every aspect of the game of golf, whilst simultaneously writing fantastic articles for a potentially huge golfing audience who awaits your own thoughts and ideas.

7. Head Pro

It’s no great secret that working in a pro shop can sometimes be considered tedious and boring, having to frequently sell chocolate bars and bottles of water to customers might not have been what most pros signed up for. But the job of a head pro has plenty of perks as well. Working at some of the best golf courses in the world can give you all the privileges of playing at this venue for free, week in week out. The head pro is the initial face of any golf course and has the important role of portraying the golf course in a positive light to members and new golfers. Combining this role with 1-on-1 coaching to help you progress your professional golf career can massively boost your golfing profile.

8. Golf Course Designer

The job of a golf course designer is one that only a small minority of people would seem to be qualified for, nevertheless, the career choice would most certainly be an exciting prospect for any golfing fan. Being able to create 18 holes of your own design and personal preferences would create an area of land personal and unique to you. Many retired golfers like Nicklaus and Ballesteros have now created successful and distinctive golf courses around the world, highlighting the idea that maybe a passion for the game of golf is the key ingredient in becoming a successful golf course designer.

9. Youtuber/Vlogger

These job titles are very new and innovative to the golfing world; however, the career choice is one that is currently thriving in today’s modern society, not to mention the variety of perks that come along with it. In recent years youtuber’s and vlogger’s like Mark Crossfield and Rick Shields have become increasingly popular and their once small-scale golfing profiles have blown up. Their job allows them to meet professional players, test the latest and best equipment and explore the world experiencing the best golf courses and resorts.

10. Golf Commentator

Some of golf’s most famous and historic moments are remembered through both the images and the commentary that is heard in the background. Many golfing memories people have been characterised by the voices they hear. For example, Tiger’s famous chip-in on the 16th hole at the Masters is remembered both for his fantastic shots and for the screams and shouts of “Oh my goodness!” from veteran commentator Verne Lundquist. As televised golf has increased, so too has the demand for experienced commentary, being able to tour the world commentating on the best professional golfers would be a perfect job for any golf fan.

11. Tour Van Staffer

Being inside a Tour van used by professionals is an exciting prospect for any keen golfer, so imagine if working in the van was also your job. At every professional tournament, tour vans are lined up alongside the range awaiting the players to come and go to test out or change settings on clubs, pick up their favourite golf balls and even to pick up their shoes for the week. This means that as a tour van staffer you are constantly meeting with golfing idols and future stars daily, preparing them for a week of golf with the equipment that you fined tuned specifically for their abilities. This would most certainly be a stressful and demanding job, but you are sure to make a lot of important friends along the way.

12. Golf Brand Engineer (Research and Development)

As technology and equipment constantly develop to improve the standard of golf clubs and golf equipment, the job title of a golf brand engineer becomes hugely important to changing the game for better results for the players and more entertaining for the fans. The job requires an extensive knowledge of the golf swing and the subtle factors like club face and club path that can be designed specifically to enhance the abilities of each individual player. The perks of this job would seem to be endless, meeting the best players in the world to speak with them about specificities in their golf swing and designing and researching the latest and most high-tech equipment would just be a few characteristics linked to the job of the golf brand engineer.

13. Golf Agent/Player Manager

As the most successful tour players start to become sporting celebrities and million-dollar athletes, their need for successful management and player agents becomes vital to help control their high-profile lives on-and-off the course. The job can also come with its stresses and frustrations when high profile players make mistakes and need an experienced agent or manager to deal with the inevitable backlash from the press. However, the majority of the job would be more positive than this, getting to build a relationship with many high profile golfing stars, along with arranging entertaining schedules for your own player to promote their own golfing brand will lead to a variety of golfing experiences unique to only a few people.

What would your perfect job in golf be? Please feel free to comment below and let us know.......


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