Mizuno Rebuilds Swing DNA Custom-Fit System

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Mizuno's Swing DNA has been used by more than 1,200 custom-fit facilities across Europe since its launch in 2009, but now the brand has rebuilt the software to scale even greater heights and further ensure that golfers walk away with irons perfectly matched to their unique swings.

The original Swing DNA system was built on simplicity, local availability and the Shaft Optimizer, which measures swing data through a system of strain gauges running inside the shaft.  Unlike other systems, the Shaft Optimizer collects data from the swing rather than the golf ball, meaning that the system functions even when the tester is having an inconsistent ball-striking day. In just three swings and less than ten minutes, the existing Swing DNA system collects sufficient data to reduce 50 possible shaft options to just the three best-suited to the individual’s swing.

Mizuno’s Swing DNA system has been so effective and widely adopted that its fitters also use it to fit equipment for other brands. “Initially we were worried that we’d helped out the competition,” said Bill Price, Head of Custom Fit / Mizuno USA.  “But over time we realised that it was to our benefit if fitters were using the Shaft Optimizer to fit other manufacturers’ equipment. Firstly it showed that we’d gained the fitter’s trust, but more importantly, it put a Mizuno iron in more testers’ hands.”

Now Mizuno is set to shake up the industry yet again, with the first total overhaul of the software and data that drives Mizuno Swing DNA. Based on five years of studying Swing DNA and individual shaft characteristics, the rebuilt software adds a level of accuracy and transparency that has blown even Mizuno’s fitters away, The software now incorporates an EI shaft profiling that allows the fitter to pinpoint recommendations with even greater accuracy. Testers can now see every available shaft prioritised and ranked in order of suitability for their swing, based on how close each shaft performs relative to the EI curve. The previous version used a more basic algorithm to display just the three best-matched shafts. 

“It’s a truly brilliant upgrade,” said Dan Ball, chief fitter at Bearwood Lakes GC, Mizuno Performance Centre. “Often golfers have a set idea of what shaft they should be playing and it’s hard to shift them.  Now I can show them that the shaft they wanted might rank a scientific 12th in suitability to their swing – it’s much easier to fit them into the right equipment.”

“Over 85% of the irons we assemble are now custom-built in Cumbernauld, Scotland – a percentage that’s still increasing,” added Rob Jackson, EMEA Head of Golf.  “It started with our investment in the Scotland custom assembly line that dispatches irons with five to seven working days from order. Now we’re setting the bar incredibly high on supporting club fitters to navigate their way through the maze of available options. The new Swing DNA software puts Mizuno years in front on the industry. This isn’t about setting up a major centre that few golfers will ever visit – this is accurate, scientific club-fitting on a daily basis at a golf facility near you.”


Mizuno’s fitting cart will hold a record number of 68 shafts - including 26 new options, among them all the hottest new shafts to hit the market, such as Dynamic Gold AMT, Nippon Modus 105, Project X LZ, UST Recoil 95 and many more. Each forms part of Mizuno’s no upcharge policy, introduced in early 2016, with no additional charges to the consumer regardless of shaft or grip choice.

From 1906, the founder of the Mizuno sporting goods company, Rihachi Mizuno, instructed his employees to “go create the best products for consumers”.  The upgrades to Mizuno’s Swing DNA software and fitting cart, which went live on September 5, 2016, follow that instruction to the letter.


For more on Shaft Optimizer Swing DNA and the brand’s latest range of golf equipment, apparel and accessories visit: golf.mizunoeurope.com.

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