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Motocaddy was founded a decade ago and bring you the very best in design, build and functionality to golfers young and old looking for a reliable and affordable golf trolley. It was also Motocaddy who led the drive towards Lithium as the most efficient and cost-effective battery option for powered golf trolleys.

This season’s range is their most comprehensive yet and includes the Motocaddy M1 PRO.

What Motocaddy say

The first of the compact-folding M-Series trolleys and a model that continues to gain popularity for its ease of storage and transportation, the M1 PRO can boast a number of standout features. These include an adjustable handle height, intuitive controls, plus an inbuilt device cradle accommodating a wide range of GPS devices that can be powered from the patented USB charging port.

The three-point folding system has been developed to make the M1 PRO trolley over 40% smaller than its S-Series counterparts, while the twin-tube frame enables the battery to remain in its tray when folded.


  • Compact folding (over 40% smaller)
  • Adjustable Distance Control (up to 45m)
  • Patented USB charging port
  • Adjustable handle height
  • Integrated Accessory Station
  • Quick-access device cradle
  • Nine speed settings
  • Speed indicator
  • Battery indicato
  • Ergonomic handle
  • EASILOCK™ compatible
  • Available in Black or Alpine


Even though this is the cheapest in the range tested on the day I felt it held its own against the others. It is finished beautifully and co-ordinates well with the accomoanying Motocaddy trolley bag. The M1 PRO looked stylish and did not look at bulky like some electric trolleys. To add, the bag had numerous pockets and I was able to fit everything in - I normally use a large cart bag and I had ample space left.


One thing I did notice about the M1 PRO is that suspension was really good. It wasn’t a bumpy ride and my clubs did not move round much along the fairways. The handles also felt good with the contoured grips. The trolley itself was very sturdy even when I went off roading into the trees and rough.


The performance of the M1 PRO was generally good. The course where I tested the trolley was hilly with undulating fairways and it lasted the full 18 holes with no loss of power. One of the things I especially liked was being able to pull the trolley back and forth easily when the battery is off, which can be an issue with the heavier models. The only issue I had was having to increase the power when walking through even the first cut of rough.

The compact nature of this trolley makes it ideal for the smaller car, as it was easy to erect and fold back up. It was also light to lift, and not cumbersome getting it in and out of the car.

The build quality looks good and there was no creaking or loose movement whilst on the course. Furthermore, the 10/20 yards distance controls were ideal and a surprising extra. I was not expecting this for the price it is. The USB port was ideal and I tried various devices in it and they all fitted due to the custom grip.


This is a compact electric golf trolley that does everything that you would expect it to do. Easy to put up and fold down. It is a very good basic model, with a few added extras.


The only con I can think of, and I am stretching here, is that you need to give it a bit extra power when not on the fairway, but that is it.

The bottom line

I was not expecting to like this trolley as much as I did, but it was a good solid electric golf trolley that did everything that it neded to do. It held up well agaisnt the more expensive in the range, I would seriously think about purchasing it.

Rated 9/10


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