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Toptracer Launches Global Nine-Shot Range Challenge

Toptracer is launching its first skills-based challenge, featuring a nine-shot test of shot-making ability between 55 and 160 yards that will see golfers compete against each other from locations across the planet. read more ...

Toptracer Range Adds Legendary Old Course at St Andrews

Toptracer has enhanced the experience of watching golf on television and playing the game, and this innovation has connected with the living history of the sport by adding the iconic Old Course at St Andrews to the list of revered layouts available to play in Toptracer Range’s ‘Virtual Golf’ mode. read more ...

What is Toptracer Range?

Toptracer Range has been a revolutionary addition to many facilities across the country, using the same instant ball flight technology used on televised golf coverage to provide a thrilling experience for all golfers. We recently had the chance to visit Leicester Golf Centre to find out more and sample it for ourselves. read more ...

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