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Course Strategy - Playing to a Tight Pin

The 'sucker pin' is a flag that is clearly dangerous and tight but ends up enticing you into playing a unnecessarily risky shot. James Reeson shows you his best way to approach this dangerous shot.

Course Strategy - Play the Power Drive

James Reeson gives you his best tips for getting the maximum distance off the tee which can help you target those drivable Par 4's with greater accuracy and precision.

Chipping Tips - Miss low side to make more Up and Downs

Getting up and down from tricky little chipping areas can be a massive boost to your round and lead to lots of birdies. James Reeson evaluates the best way for you to give yourself great chances at making birdies from successful chip shots.

Course Strategy - Use your 'Stock Shot' when under pressure

Every golfer has experienced the pressure tee shot when your round, medal card or making the cut in a tournament is on the line. James Reeson helps you hit this pressure shot by executing your own stock shot successfully.

Course Strategy - Use the Knockdown Shot

Most amateur golfers will typically struggle to deal with the challenging shot of hitting into wind. James Reeson, a tour professional will give you his best tips of executing the 'knockdown' shot successfully.

The 'Jordan Spieth' Putting Drill

Jordan Speith is renowned for his incredible putting statistics and unbelievable displays of holing out crucial birdie putts. James Reeson believes the key to his success revolves around his putting technique from inside 10ft. 

Course Strategy - Playing Smart Off the Tee

Touring professional James Reeson explains the thought process every golfer should have on the tee. Thinking clearly about the easiest and smartest way to hit the fairway will lead to more birdies on the course.

Chipping Tips - Improve your Strike Drill

In this video, James Reeson shares a drill that he uses to not only improve his strike when chipping, but also to gain valuable feedback during his practice sessions.

Chipping Tips: The Box Drill - Learning flight and roll

In the videos, James Reeson talks through a drill he uses ton understand the relationship between, loft, flight and roll when chipping and pitching. 

Putting Tips - Short putt visualisation drill

In the video, tour professional, James Reeson shares a drill that he uses on the putting green before heading out on the course to help him stay positive over short putts. 

Chipping Tips - Low Side of the Hole Drill

In this video, tour professional, James Reeson talks through a drill that he uses when practicing his chipping to make sure that he maximises the amount of times that he gets up and down. 

Chipping Tips - Ladder Drill and Game

In this video, James Reeson talks through a drill he uses to improve his chipping distance control and specifically landing distances. It is also can be used as a great chipping game to play with your friends. 

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