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When thinking of great golfing destinations, Czech Republic is not usually on the list. However it is home to some fantastic golf courses set in a very impressive landscape. It was named the 2007 'Undiscovered Golf Destination Of The Year' showing that it holds great potential to become a popular golfing location for the future. One of the finest golf courses it has to offer is Royal Golf Club Marianske Lazne.

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Albatross Golf ResortOther
Astoria Golf Resort a.s.Karlovarsky Kraj
Beroun Golf ResortHlavni Mesto Praha
Black Bridge Golf ResortHlavni Mesto Praha
Casa Serena GolfHlavni Mesto Praha
Certovo BremenoJihocesky Kraj
Club BechyneJihocesky Kraj
Derby Golf Club SlusoviceMoravskoslezsky Kraj
Franzensbad Golf ClubVysocina
Golf & Country Club HodkovickyHlavni Mesto Praha
Golf & Country Club MsteticeHlavni Mesto Praha
Golf & Country Club Svobodné HamryPardubicky Kraj
Golf & Spa Resort KonopisteOther
Golf Berovice s.r.o.Other
Golf Club AlfrédovPlzensky Kraj
Golf Club AMK Automotodrom BrnoMoravskoslezsky Kraj
Golf Club AusterlitzMoravskoslezsky Kraj
Golf Club BeroviceStredocesky Kraj
Golf Club Certovo BremenoStredocesky Kraj
Golf Club Darovansky DvurPlzensky Kraj
Golf Club HarrachovLiberecky Kraj
Golf Club Hluboká nad VltavouJihocesky Kraj
Golf Club Hradek KrálovéKralovehradecky Kraj
Golf Club LiberecLiberecky Kraj
Golf Club Lipno nad VltavouJihocesky Kraj
Golf Club LísniceStredocesky Kraj
Golf Club Luby Jana StrnadováHlavni Mesto Praha
Golf Club Mariánské LázneKarlovarsky Kraj
Golf Club Mladé BukyLiberecky Kraj
Golf Club MnichJihocesky Kraj
Golf Club Molitorov U PrahyStredocesky Kraj
Golf Club Most Mgr. DvorákUstecky Kraj
Golf Club Novß BystriceJihocesky Kraj
Golf Club OlomoucOlomoucky Kraj
Golf Club PodborankyStredocesky Kraj
Golf Club PodebradyStredocesky Kraj
Golf Club PrahaHlavni Mesto Praha
Golf Club Resort ParadiseStredocesky Kraj
Golf Club SemilyLiberecky Kraj
Golf Club SokolovJihocesky Kraj
Golf Club Stirin Hotel Zamek StirinStredocesky Kraj
Golf Club Svratka 1932Moravskoslezsky Kraj
Golf Club TelcVysocina
Golf HostivarHlavni Mesto Praha
Golf Klub Botanika
Golf Park PilsenPlzensky Kraj
Golf Resort Jezera Ostrožská Nová VesZlinsky Kraj
Golf Resort Karlovy Vary a.s.Karlovarsky Kraj
Golf Resort KarlštejnStredocesky Kraj
Golf Sokolov, a.s.Jihocesky Kraj
Golf Sport Club ZlinMoravskoslezsky Kraj
Golfklub Klášter TepláKarlovarsky Kraj
Grabstein Golf ClubLiberecky Kraj££
Hlubokß Golf ClubJihocesky Kraj
Jested Golf & Country ClubLiberecky Kraj
Jihocesky Golf Club BechyneStredocesky Kraj
Kaskada Golf Resort BrnoJihomoravsky Kraj
Lipno Golf ClubJihocesky Kraj
Loreta Golf ClubStredocesky Kraj
Maria Theresia Golf ClubUstecky Kraj
Nova Amerika Golf ResortKralovehradecky Kraj
Park Golf Club OstravaMoravskoslezsky Kraj
Prachensky Golf ClubJihocesky Kraj
prague city golfOther
Prague City GolfHlavni Mesto Praha
Prosper Golf Club Celadn·Olomoucky Kraj
Sokrates Golf & Country ClubMoravskoslezsky Kraj
Sport Klub Brno Golf KlubMoravskoslezsky Kraj
Stará BoleslavOther
Ypsilon Golf Resort LiberecLiberecky Kraj
Zamecky Golf Club KravareMoravskoslezsky Kraj
Displaying 1 to 71 of 71 records.

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Golf Club Mariánské Lázne
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