GolfBuddy Launches Its Exciting New Micro CT2 Compact GPS

By: Golfshake Editor | Wed 13 Jan 2016

Having revolutionised the category for small GPS devices with its ground-breaking Voice and Voice+ products, GolfBuddy aims to redefine what is possible in small distance measuring devices with the launch of its new CT2 Compact GPS. 

The GolfBuddy CT2 is a pocket-sized GPS with a truly versatile design making it easy to clip to towel rings, belts, lanyards, golf bags, shirt pockets - or anywhere else for that matter!

Despite being just 2.2" x 1.7" in size and weighing little more than an ounce, the CT2 is loaded with exciting features. It has best-in class battery life, with up to 18 hours of golf in GPS mode, and delivers an outstanding suite of functions including: Distances to front/centre/back of the green, distances to hazards, Dynamic Green View with Pin Placement always giving readings directly from the golfer’s angle of approach, a digital scorecard, Automatic course/hole recognition, clock, GPS tracking and odometer.

Waterproof up to 10 meters, a lanyard is included so the golfer can wear the CT2 around their neck and simply lift it up to take a reading.

It comes in two colours (white/blue and white/green) with easy-to-press buttons and is preloaded with over 38,000 courses worldwide, all of which are available forever for free, without any expensive annual subscriptions.

Launching the CT2, John Ennis, GolfBuddy Global Head of Sales and Marketing, said: "GolfBuddy is the clear global market leader for micro GPS devices in golf and this is a category in which we continue to innovate.

"The CT2 suits golfers who want a small, simple to operate device which delivers clear, accurate distances. And versatility in how it's worn by the golfer, or clipped to a bag, is key too. Some players want to keep their GPS in a pocket, others want to put it on permanent display - and all this is achievable very simply with the CT2." 

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