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By: | Tue 26 Aug 2014

How well do you think you can hit a golf ball? Are you ever unsure why some shots are pictureperfect and others disappear into the trees? Would you say you’re playing to the best of yourability? If you’re looking for these answers then you’ve not yet experienced golf lessons with MT Golf.

Providing lessons throughout Kent, Sussex & Surrey; Matt Tyler, PGA Pro (MT GOLF) has one of the most accurate and complete golf analysis technologies available - the GC2 launch monitor – to dramatically improve your game this summer.

Endorsed by players and coaches alike on tour, Matt is bringing the revolutionary GC2 technology to club level to get the best out of your game. Teaching professionals traditionally have been restricted to using their vision alone to diagnose issues, often leading to a lengthy learning curve. The GC2 leaves nothing to chance; it’s one of the most precise club head andswing analysis technologies available.

So how can a machine improve your swing?

The GC2 is equipped with HMT (Head Measurement Technology) to precisely capture club head data with an ease and accuracy never before seen. It is able to tell precisely where the club face meets the ball, on what part of the ball, at what accuracy & speed, and provide detailed numbers and diagrams on angles, positioning, power and ball flight. This allows Matt to diagnose problems accurately and quickly to improve your game. Quite simply, launch monitors are now the best way to develop your technique. To check out the equipment for yourself, visit: http://www.foresightsports.com/en/catalog/hardware

Of course, technology is only as good as the person operating it. Matt will provide accurate explanations, drawings and details showing the golfer exactly what is happening at the point of impact.

Through understanding the numbers and data his launch monitor provides, Matt believes that when a golfer hits a bad shot in future, they are more likely to understand what caused it and how to correct their next shots. It takes the guess work out of the game, removing all trial and error, what is normally achieved in weeks or months, can be sometimes be achieved in matter of days.Matt is extremely excited about what his new technology will mean to local golfers,
"I’ve always tried to give golfers the most effective lessons, staying ahead of the game with the use of video analysis and slow motion cameras. Now, the launch monitor allows me to see what is happening at impact to a tenth of a degree using high speed cameras. My teaching technique delivers this information in an easy to understand manor with videos, pictures and numbers backing up everything that we have gone through in the lesson. All available to share
with just the touch of a button and leading to a much improved game!"
Matt Tyler, PGA Pro.

With MT’s knowledge of technique and the support of the GC2 and HMT technology, he can find out exactly what is happening when you’re hitting it great, and also when you’re hitting it bad. MT GOLF offers a fantastic and unmatched golfing lesson. Half golfer, half machine. Plus your readers can now enjoy a very special taster session with Matt throughout July and August for just £20 for 45 minutes, reduced from the usual £30 rate

Book now at [email protected] or call Matt directly on 07590 843 747.

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