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6 of The Best Golf Gifts For 2023

By: | Mon 04 Dec 2023

As the months fade away and a new year slowly approaches, there are some amazing deals to be found that can bolster your golf game.

Whether you’re looking for a glove that reliably informs you that your grip is correct, or you’re looking to practice your putting at home, the following items will be of use to you.

These are six of the very best Q4 products that are perfect gifts for loved ones - or even a treat for yourself!

Me And My Golf True Grip Glove

Me And My Golf True Glove

Understanding how and where to grip the golf club is fundamental to success on the course. You’ll be surprised to know that a large proportion of amateur golfers are handling the club incorrectly, which can lead to unwanted results and in extreme scenarios, dampen your drive to get out and play golf. Me And My Golf are responsible for many helpful training aids, and their True Grip Glove is yet another product that has been released with the aim of helping recreational golfers improve their ability.

The glove comes equipped with a blue silicone area on the inside of the glove. Simply align your fingers along the area to perfectly grip the club in your hand. To enhance grip, non-slip silicone palm and finger application helps to provide phenomenal performance. The golf swing requires alignment throughout the body, which is why the dual-knuckle and arrow tip indications ensure that knuckles and the right shoulder are aligned to one another. As is popular with Me And My Golf products, the glove comes with downloadable lessons to help the user get the most out of their glove and training aid.

Key Tech

  • Grip alignment ensures perfect grip and set up on every swing.
  • Knuckle indicator confirms grip is right at address.
  • Arrow indicator highlights that grip is aligned with your trail shoulder.
  • Exclusive lessons from the Me And My Golf team.
  • Multiple training videos included.
  • RRP: £19.99

ExPutt RG Putting Simulator

ExPutt RG Putting Simulator

Technology has dramatically advanced how golfers are able to enjoy practice sessions from the comfort of their own home. Through mats and other accessories, refining your putting stroke has never been easier or more comfortable. However, the ExPutt RG Putting Simulator has completely revolutionised the home practice session by providing golfers with real-time putts that break left or right. Furthermore, pace putting can be improved through slopes that are captured on the simulator.

The simulator can be linked to your TV, which displays the green that the user is putting on. There are three modes to work with, all of which offer something different and place a premium on alternative aspects of putting. Classic Mode is loaded with three sub modes - practice, play9 and challenge. Golfers will be able to work on numerous aspects, which also includes course play. Explorer Mode enables golfers to choose a pin and ball position, which makes practicing your weaknesses effortless and fun. Finally, Multi Mode contains online capabilities, allowing the user to compete against others and test their newly obtained skills on the putting surface.

Key Tech

  • Accurately track ball speeds in real-time.
  • Launch direction and the direction of the ball once it leaves the putter.
  • Total distance the ball travels towards the hole.
  • Analyse putting paths through the impact area.
  • Analyse the angle of the putter when it makes impact.
  • Tempo sound to dial in your timing.
  • Select multiple courses and holes you’d like to play.
  • Play against others online.
  • RRP: £449.99

GolfBuddy Aim W12 GPS Watch

GolfBuddy Aim W12

Recreational golfers rely on GPS devices to inform them of their distance to either the flag or a nasty hazard. They don’t have the luxury of having a caddie pace every step, which is why rangefinders and watches are becoming very popular additions to golf bags all over the world. The Aim W12 from GolfBuddy contains all the technology that you would expect from a leading brand and available at a generous price.

GolfBuddy have introduced Tour IP (Intersection Point) which enables golfers to select anywhere on the hole and the device will provide an exact measurement to that location. Green Undulation is arguably the greatest benefit, as it highlights the slopes of the green, which encourages golfers where to aim in a bid to produce easier putts. We can never have enough information on the course, which is why the Hole Preview allows golfers to gain insight into a hole before they’ve even struck their tee shot. A pedometer and calorie tracker can be used for fitness tracking, meaning the GolfBuddy Aim W12 is versatile and useable away from the golf course.

Key Tech

  • Pre-loaded with 40,000 courses worldwide.
  • Calorie counting function, clock and pedometer.
  • Digital scorecard.
  • IPX7 Waterproof.
  • Green Undulation that displays the slope of the greens.
  • Distances to targets and hazards.
  • 10-hour batter life in Golf Mode.
  • Automatic course and hole recognition.
  • Touch IP shows the distance to a point of your choosing.
  • RRP: £279.99

Phigolf 2

Phigolf 2

Golf simulators have become very popular amongst amateur golfers since their inception, but their price point eliminates a lot of everyday golfers from acquiring one. However, there are numerous alternative products that can provide the same amount of fun for a fraction of the cost. Phigolf 2 offers golfers the chance to play their favourite hobby when the weather is not on their side. The portable golf simulator is playable anywhere in the world and offers feedback to golfers on their swing in real-time.

The system boasts multiplayer capabilities and due to their compatibility with the Topgolf WGT TruGolf E6 platforms, golfers will gain access to over 80+ outstanding golf courses from the luxury of their own home. If you’re looking to improve accuracy and power whilst not having too much available time, Phigolf 2 offers the opportunity of honing your golf game on your terms - from the comfort of your very home!

Key Tech

  • Compatible with WGT, Phigolf and E6 connect apps.
  • Weighted training stick.
  • 3D swing graph and liver feedback.
  • Speed golf and rush game mode.
  • High-quality courses.
  • Monthly tournaments.
  • Online and local multiplayer.
  • Ability to hit ball.
  • iOS and Android compatible.
  • Full access to WGT and E6 connect courses require subscription.
  • RRP: £299.99

Me And My Golf Breaking Ball Putting Mat

Breaking Ball Putting Mat

Through innovative inventions, practicing your golfing ability at home has become a common occurrence for many recreational golfers. Long gone are the days of putting on carpet and into a glass as new products place an emphasis on strike location and capturing course conditions. Me And My Golf is a reputable brand that has created many training aids for amateur golfers, all of which are equipped with videos to help users become accustomed to their new purchase. The Me And My Golf Breaking Ball Mat successfully recreates a real putting environment as golfers will be able to work on putts that break left and right.

In a bid to boost confidence in golfers on the greens, the mat successfully breaks both ways - which enables users to specifically work on a weakness of their game. Furthermore, a small blue zone encourages golfers to focus on their speed, which is the number one issue for three-putting and adding strokes to your game. The Supreme Start Line highlights just how important it is to start putts on line and provides golfers with a visual aid to promote this skill. The golf balls feature special technology as they are weighted. Wherever the weight is pointed at, the ball will break. There is no excuse for not working on your putting, as it can now be achieved from the comfort of your own home!

Key Features

Blast Motion Swing Analyser

Blast Motion Swing Analyser

No matter where you are, the Blast Motion Swing Analyser offers users the opportunity to work on their golf game. Whether you want to work on your putting, dialling in your wedges or consistency in your long game, Blast can accommodate all aspects of the golf swing. For the best results, pair the analyser with the app for immediate feedback on your golf swing and gain invaluable insight into how to improve. The tracker is easily inserted into the grip of your golf club before golfers will gain instant feedback.

Metrics for all elements of a golf game are available - including bunker play - and it will issue golfers with ultimate confidence. More than a third of all strokes on a scorecard come from the putter, which is why understanding the greens more efficiently will be a vital tool for success. You may struggle with chipping or even feeling in wedges but Blast Motion is here to prevent those issues worsening and for you to golf with confidence.

Key Tech

  • Putting speed control.
  • Short game distance control.
  • Bunker distance control.
  • Full swing distance control.
  • RRP £179.99

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