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Cobra Golf Releases New KING Irons And Hybrids

By: Golfshake Editor | Thu 12 Jan 2023

COBRA Golf has today unveiled its new KING Range, featuring an impressive collection of irons and hybrids that are set to feature prominently on the market.

Many golfers will be excited to see the new KING TOUR and KING CB and MB irons, which are part of the family alongside the manufacturer's KING TEC Utility iron and KING TEC Hybrid. 

Read on below to discover everything you need to know about these clubs!


KING Irons

All three new models are crafted from 1025 carbon steel using COBRA’s industry-leading 5-Step Forging Process. While other forged irons have traditionally used a four-step process, COBRA utilises a fifth forging strike to deliver unmatched soft feel and precision shaping. The forging process begins by heating carbon steel billets to 1200-degree Celsius.The billets are then Rough Forged three times (steps 1-3), a process in which the metal is bent and forged to form the rough shaping of an iron head. Step Four involves applying 1,200 tons of pressure at 800-degrees Celsius to each rough clubhead, refining the shapes and placing detail lines and logos. During the final fifth step, each iron head is subjected to 2,000 tons of pressure at 700-degrees Celsius, forming an extremely uniform and isotropic internal grain structure. After cooling, each clubhead is polished and made ready for the faces and grooves to be precision milled using a CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) machine.  

“The five-step forging process is critical to both the feel produced at impact by each of our new KING irons as well the consistency of performance,” said Tom Olsavsky, Vice President of R&D for COBRA Golf. “Players who desire the feel of forged want a soft sensation at impact rather than one that’s overly crisp, and our process delivers the desired sensation. But forgings can also be lacking in consistency due to the challenges involved in the forging process, all of which we’ve improved on by creating forged irons with superior precision from clubhead to clubhead. Players who favor forged irons now have the option to enjoy all the benefits of a forging with the consistency normally associated with cast products.” 

Benefits of COBRA’s 5-Step Forging Process include: More precise shaping, more precise and flatter clubfaces, tighter weight tolerances, improved consistency of loft and lies, improved face thickness consistency, improved aesthetics, and significantly enhanced feel at impact. 

The KING TOUR irons (£1,099/7-piece set) blend soft feel and playability with enhanced distance and forgiveness using a 5-step forged multi-material construction. Unlike the CB & MB irons which are one-piece forgings, the Tour irons feature an aluminum medallion, and a TPU insert in the back cavity. A key to the enhanced forgiveness and overall performance of COBRA’s new TOUR iron are CNC undercuts in the back cavity of each iron, which allow weight to be repositioned from high centre to lower centre and heel and toe areas of the clubhead, creating improved launch conditions and more forgiveness on off centre hits. These cavities progress from deeper in the long irons for enhanced stability, to shallower in the short irons for enhanced control. To improve feel, each CNC undercut is filled with a soft TPU material and topped with an alumninum co-molded medallion, which both damp vibration for a more pleasing sound and feel at impact. The shaping of the TOUR irons is progressively more compact than the KING Forged TEC model, featuring a thinner topline, reduced offset. The updated Tour shape also features a slightly shortened blade length than the previous KING Tour MIM irons to inspire improved control and workability. The TOUR model also features two degree stronger lofts than the CB & MB irons to produce more explosive distance off the face. The TOUR irons are available in 3i-GW (RH/LH), with the stock set offered in 4-PW steel stiff, RH only. LH sets are available in custom. A Lamkin Crossline grip, and a KBS Taper 120 steel shaft in Stiff flex comes standard.  

CB Irons

The KING CB/MB irons (£999/7-piece set) feature the most compact shapes in the KING lineup, and are built with attributes that better players typically desire including thinner toplines for aesthetics, minimal offset for control, thinner soles for precise turf interaction, and shorter blade lengths for enhanced shot-shaping ability. Due to the precision of the 5-Step Forging Process, the CB and MB irons feature perfectly centered CG locations without the need for added Tungsten to manipulate the CG. The CB irons, having a more forgiving cavity back shape with slightly more offset, and the traditional MB muscle back offer players a variety of customiseable set configurations to fit their gapping and aesthetic preferences.  The stock set is available in a flow combo set that comes with the CB model in the 4-6 irons, and the MB model in the 7-PW (Steel Stiff, RH Only). This unique set makeup allows more forgiveness in the longer irons, and more precision in the shorter irons. Both CB (Cavity Back) and MB (Muscle Back) models are available as full CB or MB sets in 3i-GW through custom (Full CB sets are available in RH & LH, while MB are available in RH & only 7-PW in LH). Lamkin Crossline grips and KBS Taper 120 steel shafts come standard.  

BUY IRONS ONLINE at Scottsdale Golf / BUY IRONS ONLINE at American Golf

All three new KING irons will be available at retail on February 3rd, 2023. 

KING TEC Utility Iron

Packed with technology, the KING TEC Utility is designed to provide added ball speed and distance from a wide variety of turf conditions for players who prefer an iron-like profile over a hybrid or fairway wood. 

The KING TEC Utility iron features a classic, muscle-back style iron shape that sits comfortably at address, with a relatively wide sole for improved turf interaction from a variety of turf conditions. A metal wood like construction yields powerful speed and distance through a hollow body design and a forged ST-118 PWRSHELL face insert with a longer return, internal speed channel and new H.O.T. Face technology. Developed using artificial intelligence, H.O.T. Face (which stands for “Highly Optimized Topology”) features multiple zones with optimised thicknesses that increase ball speed and produce more efficient spin across a larger area of the clubface, resulting in more consistent and reliable distances. For improved acoustics and feel at impact, the hollow clubhead is injected with an even lighter and softer Expancel Microsphere Foam, which is also used in the KING Forged Tec & Tec X irons to absorb vibrations and tune sound and feel. In addition, the use of extreme Tungsten Weighting utilising High Density MIM Tungsten Weights lowers the CG for improved launch and spin rates both off the tee and from the fairway or rough. Specifically, the 2-Utility contains 56g of Tungsten, while the 3-5 Utilities feature 61g of Tungsten. A ONE Length Tec Utility Iron configuration is also offered in a shorter 37.25” build to promote maximum consistency and accuracy when used with a ONE Length set or on its own. The ONE Length Utility features the highest amount of Tungsten at a whopping 83g. 

TEC Utility


The variable length KING TEC Utility irons (£189 steel, £199 graphite) are available in a 2-Utility (17° - RH Only), 3-Utility (19°), 4 (22°), and a 5-Utility (25°), with LH available in custom only. The ONE Length KING Tec Utility irons are available in a 3-Utility (19°), 4-Utility (22°), and 5-Utility (25°) in RH only. All KING TEC Utility irons come standard with Lamkin Crossline grips and KBS Taper Lite steel shafts, and MCA MMT 80 (S, R) graphite shafts.

The KING TEC Utility Iron will be available at retail on February 3rd, 2023. 


Featuring innovative technologies, the KING TEC Hybrid (£249) is designed for 0-15 handicappers looking for a reliable option off the tee and on longer approach shots with exceptional versatility from a variety of lies.  

TEC Hybrid

The new COBRA KING TEC Hybrid is a super premium, adjustable hybrid designed specifically to complement COBRA’s KING family of better player irons. New innovations in the latest ’23 KING TEC Hybrid include H.O.T Face Technology and a new ST-118 face material. Developed using artificial intelligence, H.O.T. Face (which stands for “Highly Optimized Topology”) features multiple zones with optimised thicknesses that increase ball speed and produce more efficient spin across a larger area of the clubface, resulting in more consistent and reliable distances. PWRSHELL Technology features a thin, highly-flexible forged ST-118 steel insert that creates a larger Sweet Zone for faster ball speed and higher launch on shots hit away from centre. The KING TEC hybrid also features a 4g Carbon Fiber Crown that allows for more weight to be repositioned low and back within the clubhead for a lower CG and improved launch and forgiveness. Together, all three technologies (H.O.T Face, PWRSHELL, and Carbon Crown) achieve the best combination of high launch, reduced spin, longer carry distance, and softer landing into greens. To make the KING TEC even more appealing to better players, COBRA engineers created a refined, sleek profile with a shorter blade length, less onset, a more rounded toe and crown, and updated face and toe curvatures that look more square at address. 

The KING TEC Hybrid also features an Adjustable Weight System with three adjustable sole weights (two 12g weights and a 2g weight). The two 12g heavy weights can be positioned in the back/heel for a draw-biased flight, back/toe for a fade-biased flight, and front heel/toe areas of the clubhead to encourage neutral and controlled flight. Additional weights are sold separately through custom and include a 10g, 14g, and 2g option. In addition, COBRA’S MYFLY Adjustable Loft Technology allows for loft adjustments of +/- 1.5-degrees for additional fine tuning of launch and spin characteristics.   

“Bringing COBRA’s H.O.T. Face technology to the hybrid category is a game changer” said Jose Miraflor, Vice President, Marketing & Product Architecture, Cobra Golf. “The additional ball speed and forgiveness makes the KING TEC our most advanced hybrid to date.”  

BUY HYBRIDS ONLINE at Scottsdale Golf / BUY HYBRIDS ONLINE at American Golf

The KING TEC Hybrid is available in four loft options - a 2H (RH only) with a nominal loft of 17° (adjustable from 15.5° to 18.5°), a 3H with a nominal loft of 19° (adjustable from 17.5° to 20.5°), a 4H with a nominal loft of 21° (adjustable from 19.5° to 22.5°) and a 5H with a nominal loft of 24° (adjustable from 22.5° to 25.5°). All LH options are available in custom only.  The KING TEC Hybrid comes standard with a Lamkin Crossline grip and a Mitsubishi MMT 80 (X-88.5g, S-85g) or MMT 70 (R-73g) graphite shafts. 

The KING TEC HYBRID will be available at retail on February 3rd, 2023.

For more information about the KING Range, please visit https://www.cobragolf.com/en-uk/

What do you think? post your thoughts and feedback on the Golfshake Forum: https://forum.golfshake.com/


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