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Becoming A Single Figure Golfer

By: Golfshake Editor | Tue 15 Oct 2019

Golfshake Ambassador Matt Holbrook has worked tirelessly to improve each year since taking up the game in his 20s, but the ultimate objective was to reach that coveted single figure handicap mark. 

Custom fitting is now an essential pathway to better golf for many players, something that Matt experienced at the beginning of this season, being fitted with a new set of Cobra Golf clubs, each possessing Cobra Connect Technology, a major change in the hope of achieving his goals. 

However, despite being optimistic and impressed by the process, there was an early transition period to be overcome. (Click Here to Watch Matt's 1st Update on YouTube)

"I started 2019 fairly close to single figures and felt that I had a good chance of achieving it during the year, especially when I was offered the chance by Cobra to use their equipment that was fully custom fit," Matt said. "Following that experience, it took a little time to get used to having completely new equipment, I trusted what I was using and the process I went through with the fitter, so it must have been my swing?"

"I recorded myself a few times and soon noticed that my swing was really flat and was causing some real bad shots, I then went through a period of time where I was almost over analysing what my swing looked like. I would swing, record, watch, swing, record, watch and all of a sudden, I found myself to be on a journey of a 'better looking swing' than better golf."

The Breakthrough

Paralysis by analysis. But taking a glance at his stats on Golfshake helped Matt to gain an insight behind his own game and where he was going wrong.

"When I was going through this tough time, I was missing more fairways and greens than I had done the year before - but hey, my swing didn't look as bad?

"So, I started to spend more time focusing on where the ball was actually going, not what my swing looked like. I slowly started to see the impact in my stats and spent a bit more time on my short game. 

"With focus less on what my swing looked like and more so on where the ball was going - being backed up by my stats on Golfshake - I soon started scoring well again. Obviously you do need those weeks where the putts drop and you get up and down a few times, and that was happening. 

"I finally hit the magical number on the 8th of September - shooting a +7 and having my handicap reduced to 9.3. I always had the belief that as soon as I had gotten over the line to a single figure, I would actually relax a bit and this was the case as since getting to 9, I have had two more reductions - the first to 8.9 and then again to 8.5 which is where I am currently." 

Achieving Goals

This is a major milestone for any golfer, and rich validation for the Cobra golf clubs and custom fitting process.

"I would say the combination of the new equipment and tracking numbers on Golfshake together has been a key factor," Matt reflected. "Being able to perform well on the course but also back it up with some key stats to identify areas to work on has been pivotal and for anyone that is looking to improve you will 100% need to track your stats!"

More and more golfers are taking the opportunity to be fitted for their new clubs, having sets tailored to their unique swing and body type. Aligned with the correct worth ethic and passion - as Matt has displayed - is a recipe for better golf and fulfilling your objectives on the course.

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