New Blades vs Old Blades

By: Golfshake Editor | Mon 19 Aug 2019 | Comments

Despite the major advances in golf club manufacturing technology and design, some people may be skeptical about whether those improvements can be translated into a blade iron. So, Golfshake's equipment expert Ryan Rastall decided to put that theory to the test and compared two vastly contrasting models (in terms of age) in an experiment that should provide an answer.

Are Old Blade Irons as Good as New Blades?

Inspired by our recent feature article on old golf clubs, Ryan took his own PING Blueprint Blade Irons and tested them against Walter Hagen Ultradyne 2 blades, which we believe date from the late 1970s. As a club builder, Ryan was able to spec the Ultradyne as closely as possible to his PING Blueprint to provide the fairest test on TrackMan. 

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