Low Handicap Journey to Improve Iron Play With Callaway

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Custom Fitting is an experience that more golfers are undertaking each year, with technology and analysis matching them up with equipment that is most suited to their swing, technique and body shape. To explore the process and benefits, this season on Golfshake, we ran a campaign to identify three individual golfers and take them for a Custom Fitting Session with Callaway Golf, fitting them with a new set of irons, and following their progress throughout 2019 to see the difference it makes to their games.

On April 3rd, we took the guys along to Callaway's European Fitting Centre with Custom Fit Supervisor Mike Clark.

Golfshake Member Ben Phillips is a six-handicap golfer, who we invited along to go through the fitting, and begin his journey to better iron play with his new Callaway Apex Irons. You can meet Ben in the video, and in the Q&A below, see how he got on during the process using TrackMan, what set he was fitted with, and why these were the right clubs for him, providing an insight behind Custom Fitting and the role it could play in lowering your handicap.

Improve Your Iron Play

Q&A with Ben

Had you ever been fitted before for golf clubs?

"Yes with TaylorMade at Wentworth."

How did you feel before going in for the fitting?

"Excited. I had reached a point in my game where I felt I needed something to take me to the next level and so was excited to get down to the Callaway Centre to see what’s best for me now."

How was the fitting experience?

"Very good, setup was very impressive and a vast arrange of shafts/heads to look at and test."

Did it all make sense as Mike explained the fitting process as you went through it?

"Yes, he explained that my clubs were perhaps too short for me and showed me on the TrackMan system the better club/ball speed I was generating with the Apex."

How did you feel after the fitting?

"I couldn’t wait to get the clubs and use them!"

How long did it take to receive your new clubs?

"Just over a week or so." 

How much practice have you done with the new clubs?

"A bit, played a few times, perhaps not enough range time but prefer playing!"

What's the biggest difference you have noticed since getting your custom fitted clubs?

"My ball flight is higher which I like as before I used to hit it a bit flat."

Have you noticed any significant improvements so far?

"Not yet, perhaps a bit more distance, but it’s early days."

Would you recommend a custom fitting?

"100%, if you’re going to invest in clubs why on earth wouldn’t you get the best for you."

Ben's final specs were:
? APEX 19 IRONS - 3-P
? SHAFT CUT ADJ. - +1/2

For more on Callaway and its 2019 range of clubs, visit https://www.golfshake.com/news/gear/2019/callaway/.

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