Cleveland Launcher HB Review

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Cleveland have brought back an old favourite for 2018 with the launch of their all new Cleveland HB Driver. The new driver promises to deliver top level performance at a great price point making it one of the best value drivers on the market today. 

Check out what we made of the new Cleveland driver when we headed to the range to put it through it's paces: 

About the Cleveland Launcher HB Driver:

Brian Schielke, Marketing Director at Cleveland Golf, explained why the company’s woods and irons are back: “When we looked into the woods and irons markets we saw a major disconnect. Prices are increasing dramatically while golfers aren’t seeing any significant performance gains. So we set out to create a range of products with true performance benefits that are obvious the moment a golfer swings one of these clubs.

“When it comes to drivers, a big part of the problem is excessive adjustability. These features are nice for some golfers but are quite heavy, positioning weight in less than ideal locations.  It’s a major tradeoff in performance. By replacing those features with a lightweight hosel and weight positioned low and deep within the head, we built the Launcher HB driver with more forgiveness and incredible distance that will clearly show up on a launch monitor.”

Cleveland Launcher HB pricing and availability

  • £279 / €325 SRRP
  • Available now

For more information, please visit the Cleveland website - Click here



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