Time to take your putting to another level #PuttUnderPar

By: Golf Shake | Mon 02 Jul 2018


4 Week Putting Programme

Did you want to own the greens? improve your putting? and #PuttUnderPar?  If so then check out our 4 week putting series in association with Odyssey Golf.  You will be sent a series of emails over four weeks focused on putting tips, drills & advice to improve your putting.

The tuition series was filmed at the St Andrews Links Academy with Head Professional Steve North.  We hope you enjoy the series, improve your putting and #PuttUnderPar!

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What you'll learn

  • How to create sound fundamentals for consistent putting
  • Why improving strike will help you three putt less
  • How to read greens correctly
  • How understanding PGA Tour stats can improve your putting


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