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By: Sarah Ramowski | Fri 02 Oct 2009 | Comments ()

Real Play’s innovative products centre around a revolutionary range of golf training aids, developed to re align the thinking around practice and to directly improve its relation to course performance.

Extensive observations into the characteristics of a single figure golfer were compared to that of a mid handicap and high handicap golfer, from practice through to playing. As a result of this research they were able to highlight subtle, yet crucial differences intriguely the transition from the practice ground to the golf course.

RP Putt & Groove

The RP Putt & Groove is a transportable putting mat designed to improve the putting stroke keeping the head square, to develop a good putting posture and perfect alignment.

Key to the products design and aid to putting is Real Play's philospohy of 'Simple Science' and 'Memory Magic' which is a proven training method in mind and muscle memory.

As putting makes up 40% of the shots played out on the course this product is essential to groove a perfectly square putting stroke.  This product provides the ideal practice tool to use anywhere at anytime to perfect a smooth grooved putting stroke.

The ball position and hands are central, the player is the correct distance from the ball with squared shoulders parallel to the hole. The feet are shoulder width apart, and the eyes directly over the ball.  This product concentrates the efforts on keeping the putter square whilst promoting a smooth pendulum motion.  Should the putter head be taken off line then the player will see instantly.

This product can be used with or without the ball and on or off a green, developing a great posture and putting stroke that once perfected can be taken to the course and repeated through the pre shot routine. By using the Putt & Groove template the player will develop a solid posture and a confident stroke.

Ideal for indoor, outdoor  and practice green use, this complete putting package is unrivalled in the market place.

This product is the ideal checkpoint to return to time and time again.


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