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Ball Striking Improvement Series - Tip 5: Posture & Balance

Steve Astle rounds off his 5-part ball striking improvement series with his personal tips for great posture and balance throughout your golf swing. Combining all of the aspects previously discussed in the videos along with correct posture and balance will help successfully improve your overall ball striking abilities.

Ball Striking Improvement Series - Tip 4: Shoulder Rotation

Correct rotation is something many golf coaches speak a lot about, but many amateur golfers still fail to understand the concept properly. Steve Astle explains the correct way to rotate your shoulders and help improve your ball striking.

Ball Striking Improvement Series - Tip 3: Right Shoulder

Another key factor to help improve your ball striking revolves around the connection in your golf swing, focused predominantly on your right shoulder. The better this should works and more connected you stay during the swing, the more consistent and effective the strike of the ball will be.

Ball Striking Improvement Series - Tip 2: Grip

Steve Astle shows you his opinion of the best golf grip to encourage a solid strike on the ball and hit more consistent shots.

Ball Striking Improvement Series - Tip 1: Impact

Steve Astle, the Head of Instruction at the East Midlands Golf Academy analyses the impact position to help you improve your ball striking abilities when out on the golf course.

Ball Striking Improvement Series - Introduction

The introductory video from Steve Astle's ball striking improvement series. Steve explains the tips and drills he will be referring to throughout the series to help you improve your ball striking. 

East Midlands Golf Academy

The East Midlands Golf Academy (EMGA) at Morley Hayes is Derbyshire's Number 1 Golf Complex.

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