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Video: Perfect Posture

Rick Shiels talks through the perfect posture to help with power, balance, rotatation and to prevent injury.

Video: Align Yourself

Rick Shiels talks through improving your alignment on the golf course with a focus on aiming straight to hit it straight

Video: Grip It Right

Rick Shiels talks through the technique for a perfect grip.

Video: Fix Your Slice

Rick Shiels, talks through causes of the slice and how to fix.

Video: Bump and Run

Rick Shiels, talks through playing the bump and run shot to get up close on the green.

Video: Don't Get Bunkered

Rick Shiels, talks through techniques to help confidence out of the bunkers so you don't get bunkered!

Video: Perfect Pre-Shot Set Up

Think, feel, play! Rick Shiels, talks through the perfect pre-shot routine. Be ready for the shot, instil confidence in your game with the perfect pre-shot routine.

Video: Lagged Putts

Rick Shiels, talks through the technique to help with distance control and lagged putts.

Rick Shiels

Rick Shiels, Senior PGA Teaching Professional at Trafford Golf Centre, Manchester. Rick qualified in 2009 and has quickly developed a reputation of helping golfers of all abilities.

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