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Staverton Park Hotel & Golf Club Feature Review

By: Richard Moore | Wed 06 Jul 2022

Review by Golfshake Ambassador Richard Moore

Staverton Park is well placed. Right in the heart of the country just 15 minutes from the Northampton/Junction 16 of the M1 and 30 minutes from Warwick/Junction 16 of the M40 so readily accessible for many.

Boasting 247 rooms, this is modern hotel, spa and of course a top golf course.

Really ideally suited to those on a golf trip with Golfbreaks charging £129 for 2 rounds, dinner B&B or 3 rounds, 2 nights at £219 per person, which is great value.

I played the course July 1st, 2022, for the second time this year and it really is a super course with some really unique holes like no other I’ve played.

Situated in the middle of the countryside it has an impressive look when you arrive driving past the hotel entrance (similar to the look of The Belfry entrance) in order to get to the golf centre.

There were two bars and a restaurant that I could see and a nice terrace overlooking the 10th tee and driving range, which looks impressive with 14 bays. There is also a practice putting green and a chipping area with a practice putting green next to the first tee, so there are no excuses not to be ready for the first tee!

Staverton Park

The Front 9

First thing I noticed was the wonderful firm fairways and wide open fairway that is downhill from the elevated tee, inviting you to smash your first (avoiding the tree on the left of the fairway). The 1st doglegs right (like quite a number of the holes on the course). The only real hazard is a big bunker short left of the green.

This style of large, elongated bunker is typical of Staverton Park. No pot bunkers - just extended sized ones. I play a lot of courses around the country and Staverton has some of biggest and longest bunkers I’ve ever seen. Thankfully there are plenty of rakes in each one helping to keep them in pristine condition. Those that I found had high quality sand in too! (I know bunker quality had been a criticism of earlier reviews in previous years - certainly no more. In fact I saw four greenkeepers working in one bunker on my previous visit, so I’d say Staverton has a real focus on bunker quality).

The next thing that struck me was the immaculate green, pure roll, no discolourations, just perfectly maintained.

The 2nd is one of my favourites on the course. Just a wonderful downhill dogleg left (547 yards off yellows). You stand on the elevated tee just feeling you could reach with two well-hit shots with the ball bounding on downhill forever. Unless you just hook it in the trees like I did. (Oh well maybe next time?)

The green has a few large bunkers that await an errant approach. The green has a variety of trees behind framing it nicely. In fact, all over the course there is a wonderful variety of tree types. Which introduces lots of reds and green colours that adds interest.

The 3rd is another great downhill par 4. A proper thinking hole that doesn’t require driver. If you choose to cut the corner over the left bunker do so at your peril as unsighted water lurks if you overshoot. It is a right-angled dogleg left so just think ‘aim for what you can see’ and it is ‘fairways and greens'. It is a lovely hole, and I think quite unique - unlike any other hole I can recall.

The 4th is an uphill par 3 - no dramas at 153 yards with bunkers short left, left and right.

Then you move onto the 5th, which is an uphill dogleg left par 4 measuring 309 yards - stroke index 15. Just find the top of the dogleg - which has a narrow landing area funnelled between a bank with trees and a copse - and you are wedging to a picturesque green - rather like an infinity pool as you can’t see the back edge. It is surrounded by the typical over-sized bunkers. A really super hole.

The 6th is an uphill straight par 4. Only 337 yards but all uphill and into the prevailing wind hence stroke index 3 owing to a narrow fairway pinched in by trees on the right. It is a daunting tee shot for some - and no fun for a ‘drawer’ like me!

The 7th is a long par 4 at 439 yards doglegging slowly right. It is a long hole and with wind hurting makes it the stroke index of 1. There are trees all down the left and the fairway pinches in at 210 yards leaving a long second shot in.

The 8th is a glorious looking par 3 framed by trees. There is huge bunker to the left. It is a tricky hole at 185 yards, but it is a big green to aim for (but 224 yards from the blacks is a big ask!).

Finally, the 9th is a shared tee with the 18th so just be careful not to pick the wrong one (which I did first time I played). The fairway forks left and right - the 9th goes to the right! There are three fairway bunkers waiting down left -  the only real hazard on a fairly featureless hole. The green is elevated so the bottom of the flag is not visible. (I heard this hole was built as a result of the hotel’s expansion, which probably lends to its lack of character – but still a decent test of golf).

There is then a 420 yard walk between the 9th green and 10th tee around the hotel, past the driving range and the terrace where you can get a halfway house drink. Some golfers might moan about such a walk but it should be used as a nice ‘time out’ and a moment to reflect on what was good and bad in the front nine and new targets for the back nine.

Staverton Park

The Back 9

Then the back nine starts with a bang! The 10th tee is a beauty with great views across the countryside in the distance and in the foreground a downhill fairway that drops steeply down and then up at the end to an elevated green 400 yards away. With a great drive down the middle it’ll leave just a short iron to a raised green - a really stunning hole.

But there’s even better to follow. The par 5 11th with a dogleg left fairway a long way down below the tee has to be one of my all-time favourite holes - anywhere.  Exhilarating golf. Not often a bunker 340 yards in the distance looks so reachable. Really exciting hole. If this doesn’t get the heart thumping, not sure what will!?

But unsighted from the tee is huge area of water hazard to the right so make sure you don’t slice your drive in the excitement. For the bigger hitters a straight drive runs out of fairway at 280 yards off yellows. So beware. Then to follow is an approach over a snaking creek. Just a fabulous hole - definitely unique in style.

Then the 12th continues the trio of excitement with a picturesque par 3 measuring 162 yards off the yellow tee, with a lake to the right awaiting a shank. I think it’s the best of the par 3s. Concluding the best stretch of three holes I know.

The 13th is dogleg right uphill that seems nonchalant enough but beware! Hidden from view is an internal OOB to the left (no doubt guarding the 11th green) so it’s a tighter tee shot than you think! Then the hole plays up to a raised green - again nicely framed by various types of trees! 

The 14th is another dogleg right tree lined hole with, again, unsighted OOB to the left to guard the 11th fairway with another elevated tee. This plays longer than you think into the prevailing wind. Beware a big bunker at the back that you won’t see on your approach. 

After the excitement of 9-12, these were possibly my two least favourite holes visually but still a good challenge going uphill and into wind, so club/shot selection is called upon even more so than on other holes.

The 15th is the third dogleg right in a row. But not as tight a tee shot with a nice wide-open fairway to this modest par 5 at 479 yards. Possibly ‘mincemeat for the big hitters’ when there is no wind - hence stroke index 14. But don’t be fooled, into the prevailing wind it plays 50 yards longer. It’s no pushover. 

The 16th was a downwind 163 yard par 3 SI 16 with the typical big bunkers around it. The calm before the storm!

Why? Because I think the 17th was the toughest hole on the course with thick trees all down the left pushing you to go right. But a cheeky fairway bunker on the right at 185 yards, which is unsighted on the tee, pinches towards the fairway - which must surely gather up more than just my drive. But the real test awaits on the green. A steep sloping green from right to left. I doubt I was the only one to three putt that day. 

Finally, the 18th is a great finale, shared with the 9th tee. But this time you take aim on the left hand fairway and the hole measures a modest 342 yards. The tee shot won’t be driver for everyone as there is a lake to swallow up any tee shot over 240 yards in front of the green. Leaving a short wedge for most over water to finish. It is a wide green so plenty to aim for here.

Staverton Park


Overall, I can see this is very popular for societies. I was the only one ball out. All I saw were groups of happy golfers. There were some raucous cheers from the terrace you could hear downwind on 14. So, a lot of fun was had out there on a Friday evening.

My experience was excellent. I for one will definitely go back - perhaps with a groups of pals to make a stay & play which is what I think it is ideally designed for - and I’ll be sure to pack my swimming shorts as the pool looked perfect after a round!

For more information, please visit https://www.stavertonpark.co.uk/golf-leisure/the-course/.

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