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Have you ever had the chance to experience Midnight golf? Well, in Iceland you complete daylight! Travel to Iceland in the summer and take advantage of the twenty four hour sunlight, playing courses such as Keilir Golf Club; a short links course with immaculate fairways and greens and a somewhat punishing sea breeze.

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Akranes Golf CourseVesturlan (West)
Akureyri Golf ClubNordhurland Eystra (Northeast)
Bakkakot (GOB) Golf ClubHofudhborgarsvaedhi (Capital Region)
Bildudalur Golf ClubVestfirdhir (Westfjords)
Bolungarvik Golf ClubVestfirdhir (Westfjords)
Borgarnes Golf ClubVesturlan (West)
Budardalur Golf ClubVesturlan (West)
Dalbui Golf ClubSudhurland (South)
Djupivogur Golf ClubAusturland (East)
Eskifjardar Golf CourseAusturland (East)
Faskrudsfjordur Golf ClubAusturland (East)
Fljotsdalsherad Golf ClubAusturland (East)
Fludir Golf CourseSudhurland (South)
GKG Golf CourseHofudhborgarsvaedhi (Capital Region)
Glama (Thingeyri) Golf ClubVestfirdhir (Westfjords)
Gljufri Golf ClubNordhurland Eystra (Northeast)
GolfKlubbur GrindavikurSudhurnes (Southern Peninsula)
Grafarholt Golf CourseHofudhborgarsvaedhi (Capital Region)
Grenivik (Hvammur) Golf ClubNordhurland Eystra (Northeast)
Hamar (Dalvik) Golf ClubNordhurland Eystra (Northeast)
Haukadalsvollur Golf CourseSudhurland (South)
Hella Golf CourseSudhurland (South)
Holmavik Golf ClubVestfirdhir (Westfjords)
Hornafjordur Golf ClubAusturland (East)
Hotel Ork Golf CourseSudhurland (South)
Hraunborgir Golf CubSudhurland (South)
Husafell Golf ClubVesturlan (West)
Húsavik Golf ClubNordhurland Eystra (Northeast)
Hvammsvik Golf ClubVesturlan (West)
Hveragerdi Golf ClubSudhurland (South)
Isafjardar Golf ClubVestfirdhir (Westfjords)
Jökull Golf ClubVesturlan (West)
Keilir Golf ClubHofudhborgarsvaedhi (Capital Region)
Kidjaberg Golf ClubSudhurland (South)
Kjolur Golf Club (GKJ)Hofudhborgarsvaedhi (Capital Region)
Korpa Golf CourseHofudhborgarsvaedhi (Capital Region)
Laki Golf ClubSudhurland (South)
Leifsstadir Golf ClubNordhurland Eystra (Northeast)
Leynir Golf ClubVesturlan (West)
Ljosafoss Golf ClubSudhurland (South)
Lonkot Golf CourseNordhurland Vestra (Northwest)
Mostri Golf ClubVesturlan (West)
Myvatn Golf ClubNordhurland Eystra (Northeast)
Ness-Nesklubburinn Golf ClubHofudhborgarsvaedhi (Capital Region)
Nordfjordur Golf ClubAusturland (East)
Oddur Golf ClubHofudhborgarsvaedhi (Capital Region)
Olafsfjordur Golf ClubNordhurland Eystra (Northeast)
Ondverdarnes Golf ClubSudhurland (South)
Os (Blonduos) Golf ClubNordhurland Vestra (Northwest)
Patreksfjordur Golf ClubVestfirdhir (Westfjords)
Reydarfjordur Golf ClubAusturland (East)
Reykjavik (GR) Golf ClubHofudhborgarsvaedhi (Capital Region)
Saudárkróks Golf ClubNordhurland Vestra (Northwest)
Selfoss Golf ClubSudhurland (South)
Setberg Golf ClubHofudhborgarsvaedhi (Capital Region)
Seydisfjordur Golf ClubAusturland (East)
Siglufjordur Golf ClubNordhurland Vestra (Northwest)
Skagastrond Golf CourseNordhurland Vestra (Northwest)
Stadarsveit Golf CubVesturlan (West)
StykkisholmurVesturlan (West)
Sudurnes Golf ClubSudhurnes (Southern Peninsula)
Thorlakshofn Golf CourseSudhurland (South)
Thvera Golf CourseNordhurland Eystra (Northeast)
Uthlidarvollur Golf CourseSudhurnes (Southern Peninsula)
Vestarr Golf ClubVesturlan (West)
Vestmannaeyjar Golf ClubSudhurland (South)
Vik Golf ClubSudhurland (South)
Displaying 1 to 67 of 67 records.

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