Golf Club Cleaning Service

Golf Club CleaningClubs in need of a clean ? Ever tried the services of ultrastronic golf club cleaning ?

More and more regional services are now available around the country which provide a quick and efficient way to clean your whole set of golf clubs through a deep and gentle clean which will remove the toughest dirt. 

The Ultrasonic cleaning technology has been used for 50 years+ within the medical, electronic and engineering industries and uses high frequency pressure to produce millions of tiny bubbles to remove deep rooted grime and dirt.

A whole set of clubs takes minutes to clean and can be used on club heads, grooves and even grips with pricing start from around £5 for the whole set including grips.

Look out for the ultrasonic services at your club, the next Charity, Corporate or society day you play in or contact any of the following companies to find out when they are next in your area.

Regional Golf Club Cleaning Services in the UK

Clear Swing

Location: South & South East


Email:  [email protected]

Tel: 07768 216007


Location: Midlands & South Yorkshire


Email: [email protected]

Tel: 07702567570




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