Nikon Coolshot 40 & Coolshot 40i launch in the UK

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One of the leading manufacturers of Golf Rangefinders, Nikon Golf have announced the launch of their new COOLSHOT 40 and COOLSHOT 40i in the UK. Now measuring up to 590 meters/650 yards, the COOLSHOT 40 and COOLSHOT 40i are even lighter than ever.

The COOLSHOT 40 is designed exclusively for measuring actual distance and can be used for competition if local rules permit the use of a laser rangefinder. The COOLSHOT 40i incorporates Nikon's angle compensation technology, which displays the slope-adjusted distance (horizontal distance ± height) and is ideal for use on golf courses with uphill and downhill slopes.




"We're delighted to be able to offer golfers two new laser rangefinders and we are confident that customers are going to enjoy our new HYPER READ technology, which makes it even quicker to the get the right number every time." Said Claudia Paul, head of UK Sports Optics division.

Both the COOLSHOT 40 and 40i offer a multilayer-coated 6x high-quality finder for bright, clear images. First Target Priority Mode is useful to measure the distance to a flagstick on a green when there are trees in the background. Nikon’s HYPER READ technology ensures the measured distance displays instantly (approx. 0.5 sec) regardless of how far you are from the target, allowing you to stay focused on the game. Packed with features, the Nikon COOLSHOT 40 and 40i are compact, lightweight, rainproof and easy to operate.

Nikon COOLSHOT features, technical specifications and pricing

• Optics: 6x21
• Measurement*: 590m/650yd.
• Accuracy*: ±0.75m/yd.
• Target Priority Switch System (First Target Priority mode and Distant Target Priority mode)
• Angle function COOLSHOT 40: No (Legal for Tournament Play, local rules permitting)
• Angle function COOLSHOT 40i: Yes (Slope Adjusted Distance)
• Lightweight, slim body

* Under Nikon’s measurement conditions.

The COOLSHOT 40 and COOLSHOT 40i will be available to purchase from Golf stores and Pro Shops throughout the UK and online at with an RRP of £269.99 & £299.99.

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