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Winter Golf Balls

By: Adam Smith | Wed 26 Oct 2011 | Comments

So in the Golfshake office this morning Darren said to me ‘Winter’s coming, time to put your summer balls away’, I looked at him very strangely which can be a regular occurrence as it’s not something I’ve heard before.

I know about how conditions change the flight of the ball and that in the cold the ball goes a shorter distance but I've never heard of players changing their ball just because of it coming into the winter months. Maybe it's where I'm going wrong!!

Anyway I did some research and had a look at some forum posts to see what other players were saying and it turns out that people do, do this. So what balls can we independently recommend for the winter and at a reasonable price? Of course there’re a lot of choices out there and if I don’t include your chosen ball then it’s not that we don’t recommend them it’s just that I’ve chosen others as the feature can only be so long!

Plus also check out the science of golf ball compression and cold condition testing from the team over at Cleobury Mortimer Golf Club

Srixon AD333 - £15.99 (Dozen)

The Srixon AD333 Golf Balls performance has a gradient growth core – firm on the outer layer but progressively softer towards the centre. This enables explosive golf ball speed off the tee with club head speeds of 80mph or more and reduced spin for maximum distance, but giving a soft feel for your short game for excellent golf play for beginners to pros.

Also available in orange.

Srixon Distance - £9.99 (Dozen)

Golfers of any handicap get control, accuracy and a responsive feel with every shot using these superb Distance Dozen Golf Balls from Srixon. Incredibly durable, these fantastic golf balls really go the distance on the golf course.
The new and improved premium Srixon Distance Dozen Golf Balls have higher initial velocity and a penetrating ball flight for greater distance. Their responsive light feel and exceptional durability make them ideal for golfers with a swing speed of 80mph or greater.

Titleist NXT Tour -£22.99 (Dozen)

Golfers that demand extra length from their driver and long irons yet precise accuracy and spin from their short game, will find that the new design of NXT Tour Golf balls will give them all this performance along with high durability. The Core is made from a soft centre and a large multi layer finished with a soft and thin Fusablend cover. The Dimple design on the New NXT Tour 2010 Golf Balls is a new design with 332 Icosahedral dimple design with a staggered wave.

Callaway Hex Diablo - £19.99 (Dozen)

These Callaway Hex Diablo Dozen Golf Balls increases golf ball speed for greater distance while maintaining the soft feel off the clubface that most golfers prefer. The thin Ionomer cover encourages the lowest driver spin in Callaway Golf’s lineup of golf balls, so golfers of all abilities gain improved accuracy and distance from their drives. Finally, the Hex aerodynamics replaces traditional dimples to decrease drag and produce a more penetrating golf ball flight.

TaylorMade Burner - £16.99 (Dozen)

Designed with a low-drag performance dimple design to improve greenside spin, these TaylorMade Burner Golf Balls 2011, with a dual-core design for increased distance, will get you onto the green in style. Once there the soft feel and sensational spin will make your putting a dream come true.

Bridgestone E7 - £19.99 (Dozen)

This golf ball is all about distance. The Bridgestone 2011 E7 Golf Balls have dual dimple technology whereby an inside dimple increases thrust power at launch while an outer dimple promotes a shallow angle of descent for increased roll. The high speed gradational compression core boosts long shot ability, while the velocity boosting inner layer enhances that tendency for superb distance performance. On the green, a great looking reactive surlyn cover gives a lovely feel for your close shots.

And for the Coloured Golf Ball enthusiast:


Nike PD Long – Yellow and Orange - £14.99 (Dozen)

The inner polybutadiene core promotes high-velocity shots for mid-high handicap golfers to get longer golf balls giving you the distance you crave from high swing speeds. The Nike PD Long Golf Balls also feature a specialized dimple pattern aimed to reduce drag to gain a few more precious yards on the golf course.

Bridgestone E6 Yellow and Orange -£19.99 (Dozen)

Hit the golf ball straighter and longer with the new Bridgestone E6 reducing side spin to minimise slice or hook spin and helping you improve your scores and save you time looking for stray balls. It’s the softest multi-layer golf ball around, and is a great choice for mid-high handicap golfers.

Distance is the objective. The anti-side spin inner layer increases distance by increasing accuracy. The Bridgestone 2011 E6  core has soft gradational compression for increased strike velocity & distance and dual dimple technology serves two purposes. Inside dimples increase thrust power at launch for greater distance, while outer dimples promote a shallower angle of descent for increased roll and distance.

For the Ladies

Callaway Ladies Solaire - £14.99 (Dozen)

Designed to perform ideally at slower swing speeds, the Solaire features a soft, resilient core that has been specifically formulated to provide increased carry and distance for female golfers. The low compression core produces soft feel off the clubface and patented HEX Aerodynamics produces long, efficient ball flight. The Solaire is stylishly offered in two colour options: Pure White or High Visibility Pink. Both utilize a luminous finish that will add a distinctive flair to any woman’s game.

Precept Lady iQ Plus  - £19.99 (Dozen)

These Precept Lady iQ Plus Golf Balls are designed to give any female golfer enhanced distance on the golf course. Developed for Longer distance at lower swing speeds and increased climb for added carry.


All prices taken from www.americangolf.co.uk

What do you think? leave your comments below (Comments)


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