Titleist New Vokey Design SM4 Wedges

By: Darren Ramowski | Fri 02 Sep 2011 | Comments

Born from the unique artistry and club-making experience of master wedge craftsman Bob Vokey, Titleist Vokey Design Wedges have earned the reputation as the game’s finest short game tools. Since 1998, Vokey Design wedges have achieved overwhelming success as the favourite of more players across the worldwide professional tours and competitive golf and as a leader with serious golfers in the marketplace. In fact, Vokey Design wedges have been the top choice on the PGA Tour in terms of player count and wins for eight consecutive years and counting.

Now, Titleist introduces a completely new line of Vokey Design Spin Milled wedges to maximise performance within the limits of the 2010 Groove Rule. The new Vokey Design SM4 wedges feature 17 precise, individually cut and 100% inspected grooves that maximise groove geometry and push groove edge radius to the conforming limits. Using computer aided design (CAD), SM4 wedges also feature a new shape inspired by Vokey’s original 200 series. With twenty-one loft and bounce combinations and five different sole grinds that Vokey developed through his research and work with the best players in the world, the new Vokey Design SM4 wedges represent the next generation of the most renowned scoring clubs in golf.


New Shape, New Groove, Low Scores

High performance wedges with tour validated shapes and soles designed by master craftsman Bob Vokey featuring
Spin Milled face technology for maximum spin and shot control.

MAXIMUM CONFORMING SPIN -  Through the tour extreme grooves that feature 100% inspected, tight tolerance,
aggressive groove edges at the limits allowed by the Rules of Golf.

SUPERIOR FULL SHOT CONTROL - Comes from precise individually cut Spin Milled grooves that deliver optimal spin
and predictable launch and flight.

MAXIMUM PARTIAL SHOT SPIN - Control from the milled micro edge face texture that provides grip on less
than full shots.

DURABLE GROOVES -  From a surface localised heat treatment that preserves the precise milled grooves and micro

IMPROVED TURF AND SAND PERFORMANCE -  Through a neutral entry angle, trailing edge ribbon and tour
validated sole designs taken straight from Bob’s tour grinds.

MORE CHOICES - Different models, lofts, bounce and sole grinds to cover yardage gaps and all designed to help you hit it close.

IMPROVED APPEARANCE - With a slightly larger teardrop profile and CAD generated progressive leading edge,
toe profile and topline radius.

GREAT LOOKS -  In three distinct finishes: Tour Chrome, Black Nickel and Oil Can.

PRICE/AVAILABILITY: Available in both right and left hand beginning November 18, 2011, with a suggested retail price of £102 per club/steel and £118 per club/graphite.

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