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The 10 Best iPhone Apps for Golf

By: Adam Smith | Wed 31 Aug 2011

So in NO particular order I've been researching some of the best Apps you can find for the iPhone. See what you think of these. I'm sure there's loads still out there un-touched by this feature but anyway....

The list DOESN'T include any score tracking or GPS style apps as too many are on the market so we felt there was no point including them.

10. European/PGA/LET Tour - Free

These apps bring you all the latest scores, news and videos from the tours from where ever they are competing around the world. Get player profiles and stats straight to your phone and stay up-to-date with the latest tournament going on right now.

9. iPING  - Free

Developed by PING's engineers for all skill levels, the iPING putter app calculates and tracks your Putting Handicap™ (PHcp) to help improve your putting. Available for the iPhone 4 or iPod Touch (4th Gen) all you need to do is download the app and the cradle (used to attach to golf club) is available from all good PING retailers or you can order direct through the app.

The app is used to analyze your impact angle on your putts to improve putting mechanics, help your stroke rotation to help match you to the proper putter model for more consistency, measures the tempo of your stroke to improve control and you can compare your stroke with Tour pros and friends.

8. iSwing/SwingReader Golf - £1.99/Free

I’ve added these in together as they do very much the same thing but a great tool to have in your armoury or iPhone!
Record your golf swing and use their swing analysis tools to improve your game. Record in slow motion, compare your swing against that of pro’s, measure your swing tempo and upload your swings online and share on social media sites to get comments and feedback.

If you think you struggle with your swing then get one of these apps today.

7. Golfmaster – 69p

This app has been designed as a guide to help you improve your level of performance and enjoyment in the game of golf.

This guide provides hundreds of golf tips employed by professional golfers the world over and is designed to allow you to quickly find those tips that help you.

As you find the golf tips most helpful to you, simply click on them and they are kept in your Custom Practice Plan which is always one click away.

This app has had good reviews from pros out on tour.

6. GolfPlan with Paul Azinger - Free

‘Zinger’ the former US Ryder Cup captain has endorsed this app which is full of videos that provides tips, instructions and drills especially designed for amateur players. Your handicap level will determine the difficulty of the assignments presented to help improve your game where you need it most.

Golfplan say it will lower your scores and your handicap.

5. Rules of Golf - Free

The official app from the R&A gives you the complete package, covering every issue you may have that comes up on a golf course. Throw the old rule book in the bin and download the app.

4. Golf Games - Various

There are so many to choose from ‘games’ just gets a category to itself. Choose from Flick Golf, Anytime Golf and Par 72 Golf Lite to name but a few to waste a good few hours away. Play against friends online and match your scores to theirs.

3. Pocket Pro Golf - £2.99

This app is a unique coaching application for your mobile phone featuring 25 video lessons specifically designed to be used not only before and after a game but also whilst playing on the course, in the moments when they are needed most.

The videos and written key points provide relevant, focussed advice for a range of situations varying in terms of lie, terrain and distance, enabling you to execute the perfect shot whatever your circumstance.

Each lessons comprises of a 30 second video focusing on just the key points, written bullet points to be viewed as an alternative or addition to the video and a more detailed written text, designed to be viewed at leisure helping the golfer understand the lesson in more detail

Once downloaded, Pocket Pro lessons will always be with you when you need them. They are quick and easy to navigate and each video can be played in less time than it takes to walk to your ball.

But Pocket Pro doesn’t just tell the golfer what to do. The key to the lessons provided is their ability to improve the golfer’s game long term through a deeper understanding of the reasons behind the advice

2.Golfmates – 69p

Bit of fun to be had whilst on course and in the 19th. This App has over 80 golfing terms to amuse you and your mates from ‘The Diego Maradona’ to ‘The Barbara Streisand’

Buy to found out what they mean and laugh at some more.

1.iStimp – 69p

This app calculates the speed of the greens you’re playing on using the accelerometer and complex algorithims to work out the stimp reading as if you were using a real device.

Follow the simple instructions that come with the app and you can master the art of putting on different speed greens in no time.

Readings can be stored so you can view again and test again when you play the same course. Store by hole number, conditions on the day and time and date the readings were taken.

So there you have it, you may not agree but I’m sure you can agree that these 10 apps will keep you entertained for hours.

What do you think? post your thoughts and feedback on the Golfshake Forum: https://forum.golfshake.com/

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