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REVIEW: Zepp Golf 2

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Review by Golfshake Ambassador Mel Davies

Zepp Golf 2 is the next generation of Zepp Golf. It features the revolutionary Smart Coach training system. Simply take a few swings and Zepp will instantly evaluate the areas where you can improve and offer you training programs that are tailored to your swing. Just attach the sensor to your glove and let Zepp help you become the golfer you aspire to be.

Featuring 3D Swing Analysis, Instant Evaluation and Smart Coach, there is much to digest with Zepp Golf. It provides data on key attributes such as Club Speed, Club Plane, Hand Plane, Backswing Position and Tempo, assisting you to track improvement with a device that attaches your glove.


The Zepp Golf 2 looks really great and quite funky with a small and bright coloured design.


Clips onto your glove with via light yet sturdy alloy clip that the device clips onto itself. Very light so once clipped onto the glove you barely know it’s there. I didn't feel any issues or notice at all whilst swinging the club.


It takes 90 minutes to fully charge but that gives up to eight hours of use. The App is free to download and doesn't take long to set up. But it can be a bit fiddly getting it connected via Bluetooth. The data the Zepp Golf 2 gives you is very good and detailed, though what I personally would say is to use that data with your coach (if you can) to ensure that what it says is properly used. There is an online coach that gives tips but I would always run it by my coach so as not to conflict with what I'm already working on.


At around £130-£140 to buy this can if used correctly help with various aspects of your swing. The data and images especially the 3D data via playback is great. I have only used this on my iPhone but I do feel it would be better and easier on a tablet sized device.


The Zepp Golf can be ittle bit fiddly at times connecting and I feel it’s better to be used on a range than on the course even though it can be used wherever you like, even for practice swings in the garden!

The Bottom Line

Ths is a very useful device especially if you are working on your swing and it gives great data and images. Like I said personally I would always use alongside my coach, but others may just use it stand alone, though it's undeniably a fascinating tool to work with.

For more on Zepp Golf 2, visit http://www.zepp.com/en-us/golf/smart-coach/.

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